Zul'Mashar[66, 10]
is located in the north-eastern part of the Eastern Plaguelands and is the home of a small tribe of Mossflayer forest trolls that have been under some questionable action. Not much is known of them, and from their appearance appear to be into many undead practices or have survived the undead assault in the Plaguelands. Zul'Mashar contains the troll ziggurat Mazra'Alor, and is the home of the rare mobs Warlord Thresh'jin and Zul'Brin Warpbranch. Here Infiltrator Hameya also makes his home.


Zul'Mashar was once the capital of the Mossflayer tribe of forest trolls, but the long arduous fighting with the humans of Lordaeron have caused the trolls' land to fall into dissarray. The coming of the plague wrought more destruction upon the land itself, and today Zul'Mashar is a shadow of its former glory. Currently, it is in danger of becoming a bastion for the undead as its own people are being covertly transformed.

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