Island in Baradin Bay. Controlled by Gilneas. Judging by the linguistic style of it's name, it's likely to be at least partly inhabited by trolls at some point in it's past. This sizeable island to Gilneas' southeast is also part of the kingdom and remains inviolate. Kul Tiras ships have traveled to the island's cliffs, sending up carrier pigeons with pleases for support, but nothing has responded. Indeed, some ships do not return at all. Rumors in Kul Tiras point to a naga force hiding somewhere in the area, and some whisper that Gilneas is in their possession.[1] (LoC 97)

During the Second War, orcs built a base on the island in order to make their strike torwards Lordaeron's shores. Sometime later the Alliance forces discovered it and sent forces to destroy it.

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