Zoltrik Drakebane

[63.1, 38.1]

is a high-ranking member of the Twilight's Hammer clan stationed within the Twilight Precipice of Deepholm.

To defeat him, players must first engage him at his building, then follow him when he stuns them and runs. He will mount a dragon, and players will be provided their own to follow. Ranged classes can attack him from the back of their dragon while melee classes can use a provided leap ability to transfer to his dragon. If he isn't killed, the fight continues atop one of the floating rocks near the Temple of Earth.

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  • Players have reported issues where their provided dragons despawn before they can be mounted. This is sometimes due to having a non-combat pet out and usually having an addon like Pet Leash enabled. Dismissing the pet and disabling the "auto-call" feature of the addon should resolve the issue.


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