Brymidaine Zecker was never seen without his glistening bronze "cloak of the titans", which stories said he had recovered on the expedition that discovered Bael Modan. Weaved entirely of metallic threads, the cloak was marked with runes similar to those from the Disks of Uldaman. Despite repeated requests from the high councils of Khaz Modan and Bael Modan, Zecker never presented himself or the cloak for inspection. Now, the dwarves know why.

When the cloak was closely examined after his disappearance, it was discovered that its properties were the result of ingenious construction rather than the blessings of the titans. The dwarves who once treated the cloak and Zecker with reverence immediately condemned both. Still, the cloak remains widely admired by tinkers for its amazing array of protective properties, especially the weave of metallic threads that tighten and stiffen to absorb the force of blows. Tinkers have begun to attempt to reverse-engineer the cloak, finding Zecker's brilliance a difficult act to follow. A collective of tinkers in Ratchet has begun to craft replicas of Zecker's Cloak, but they remain difficult to construct and expensive to purchase.[1][2]


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