Zazla is one of seven ghosts found wandering Darkmoon Island, encountered when players are in their spirit form after dying. He can be found on the northwest shore[32, 31]
, walking up and down the sands. Speaking with him will reveal the following (requires multiple interactions):
I barely survived the shipwreck...
The faire kept me from an execution. It saved my life.
Silas kept me safe from my previous captors...
I saw my captors die horrible deaths. And I laughed.

It seems Zazla may have been imprisoned upon a vessel sailing near Darkmoon Island when it sank. Indeed, there is a wreck very close to his position. Due to the fact that the given story is not told in any particular order, there is some ambiguity as to who killed Zazla's captors. It appears it either may have been Silas himself, whatever sank the vessel, or both, if there were enemy survivors. How Zazla himself died remains a mystery.


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