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The red dragon Zarasz was a slave of the orcs during the Dragonmaw Clan's occupation of the mountain fortress of Grim Batol. The aged orc Warlock Nekros Skullcrusher used the Demon Soul to take control over Alexstrasza and most of the Red Flight, to be used as mounts and slaves for the orcish Horde. Zarasz's wings had developed malformed, so cursed with the inability to fly he was used to patrol the underground caverns of Grim Batol, keeping out unwanted intruders.

After the Horde's defeat in the Second War, Vereesa Windrunner was searching for her lost comrade Rhonin, whom had been sent to Grim Batol by the Dragon-Mage Korialstrasz in an attempt to free his queen. Along with the gryphon rider Falstad Wildhammer, she managed to sneak into Grim Batol but not without encountering Zarasz and his orcish handler. Korialstrasz spoke with Zarasz via a magic talisman Vereesa Windrunner had thrown into his mouth, and Korialstrasz convinced the other dragon to stand down and allow the duo to pass. Once the ranger the gryphon rider had dispatched the orc, Zarasz returned the talisman to Vereesa and the pair continued on.[1] (DotD 296-301)

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