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The Sea Witch was the entity the Underworld Minions band of murlocs worshipped on the Darkspear islands in the Maelstrom prior to Thrall's destruction of their cavern of worship. She was a powerful naga spellcaster who had used magic to gain the murloc followers.[1] (HPG 142,143) The Sea Witch demanded regular sacrifices from her murloc worshippers, which led them to capture visitors to their island chain. Thrall, his soldiers, the Darkspears, and soldiers from Kul Tiras were captured by her followers to be sacrificed. The Horde and the darkspears managed to escape due to Thrall's efforts though they lost Sen'jin. The Kul Tiras soldiers weren't so lucky. Afterwards Thrall managed to hold back her followers and escape on the boats. She taunted Thrall saying he would be consumed by the tides. Despite this, he successfully escaped.

After significant speculation, has been confirmed that she was indeed a naga, as the title implies. However, it isn't clear if she was actually a banshee, or if her nature has been retconned.

The character appeared in the demo of Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, an extension of the tutorial Exodus of the Horde campaign. The missions featuring her were omitted from the initial release but were included with the expansion.


She is an intelligence-based ranged hero with Brilliance Aura, Water Elemental and Earthquake. Surprisingly for her type, she does melee damage. She is resurrected at the Murloc Altar of the Deep.


She is perhaps the result of a naga raised as a banshee, since banshees are typically tormented elven spirits. Naga are, for all intents and purposes mutated elves, and their spirits in undeath may be those of an elf.

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