Were you looking for the organization called Zanzil? Or perhaps the Zul'Gurub zone mob, Combat 15 Zanzil the Outcast. Maybe you're interested in the old NPC, Neutral 15 Zanzil the Outcast.

Zanzil is a boss in the 5-man level 85 heroic version of Zul'Gurub.

Attacks and abilities


  • When he resurrects a Zanzili Berserker use the blue cauldron on him.
  • When he resurrects a group of Zanzili Zombies use the red cauldron on them.
  • When the room fills with green gas use the green cauldron to reduce the damage it causes.
  • When he casts Zanzili Fire move out of the way, it leaves a trail of fire in the direction it is casted at.
  • Zanzil casts Voodoo bolts which can be interrupted.


  • What? You've come ta laugh at Zanzil, too? Not again! I'll make you pay!
  • Don't worry. Zanzil won't leave ya dead for long... # maniacal chuckle #
  • How does dat taste?
  • Oooh, pretty... Zanzil's got big plans for dis one. # maniacal laughter #
  • Hahahaha! Zanzil's Graveyard Gas
  • Breathe deep, friends! Breathe it all in!# maniacal laughter #
  • Maybe ya need someone bigger ta play wit'! # maniacal laughter #
  • Go, little one! Fight dem! KILL DEM!
  • Who needs friends? Zanzil just makes his own!
  • Rise up! Zanzil's elixir gives ya life!
  • Enough.. enough of dis! Cower before da true power of Zanzil!
  • You'll all suffer for dis! Zul'Gurub is NOT'INk without Zan... Zan... # choking noises#


Inv pants leather 35
Inv sword 77
Inv helmet 111
Inv gauntlets 67
Inv shoulder 86

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