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Zandalari Troll Wars
Zandalari troll wars
Place: Pandaria
Outcome: Pandaren independence secured. Zandalari invasion of Pandaria repelled. Scattering of Mogu clans.



The Zandalari Troll Wars (also known as Zandalari Wars) were local conflicts fought 12,000 years ago. The Zandalari and the Mogu boasted the most powerful empires in Azeroth, and were allied with each other. Mogu enslaved Pandaren, Jinyu, Hozen and Grummles (Grummles were a slave race created by Mogu). When the Pandaren succeeded in leading a revolution, the Zandalari displayed their allegiance to their Mogu allies by attacking the new Pandaren Empire. The numbers of Zandalari were vast, and with the help of their batriders fought in a way that pandaren had no chance, until Jiang used a Cloud serpent to attack batriders from the sky. During the Zandalari assault on Jade Forest, more cloud serpents were trained for war, that was the time when the Order of the Cloud Serpent was formed. Eventually, the Zandalari and their Mogu allies would lose the Isle of Thunder to the combined sub-factions of Dalaran. 

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