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Zandalari Isle is an island shown as part of a rough map during BlizzCon 2011 to the north of Pandaria. As of Patch 5.1, it has not been seen in-game. However to add confusion, Patch 5.2 appears to be introducing 2 new islands north of Pandaria, the Isle of the Thunder King and the Isle of Giants.[1]


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The island presumably is or was the homeland of the Zandalari. Is this the ancient land of Zandalar? Likely not, since a troll leader encountered on the Isle of Reckoning, off the northeast coast of Kun-Lai Summit, appears to indicate that Zandalar may have been destroyed in the cataclysm.[2]


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  2. ^ On the Isle of Reckoning, Combat 15 Prophet Khar'zul says: We NEED dis land! Da cataclysm destroyed our home!

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