Inv cape pandaria dragoncaster d 02
  • Xing-Ho, Breath of Yu'lon
  • Item Level 608
    Disenchants into:
    Not disenchantable
  • Upgrade Level 2/2
  • Binds when picked up
  • Back
  • 1555 Armor
  • +2902 Stamina
    +1855 Intellect
  • +991 Critical Strike
    +991 Haste
    +991 Mastery
  • UI-EmptySocket-Red Red Socket
  • Socket Bonus: +60 Intellect
  • Requires level 90
  • Equip: Your damaging spell casts have a chance to empower you with the Essence of Yu'lon, causing you to hurl jade dragonflame at the target, dealing 1 (+ 200% of Spell power) damage over 4 sec. This damage also affects up to 4 other enemies near the burning target. (Approximately [2.61 + Haste] procs per minute)
  • Icon-3D-48x48

This item is a result of combining the Achievement zone cataclysm [Timeless Essence of the Black Dragonflight] with Inv cape pandaria dragoncaster d 01 [Jadefire Drape].

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