Xe'ra was a "Naaru Prime", one of the first Naaru to be forged in the Great Dark Beyond during the ordering of the cosmos. Little is known about this ancient being. All that remains of Xe'ra is its sentience core, known as Light's Heart. Within this object lies wisdom and knowledge crucial to the fight against the burning legion.

In Legion

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Adventurers were alerted to the existence of a strange but seemingly powerful object, witnessed hurtling through the sky, repelling any taint of the Burning Legion as it plunged into the sea off the coast of Suramar. Once recovered and taken to Velen, it was revealed that the artifact was none other than Light's Heart. According to Velen, the knowledge within could only be unlocked by a Naaru born of Xe'ra. Unfortunately, O'ros was apparently the last of Xe'ra's line, before it was destroyed by High General Rakeesh during the Legion's invasion of the Exodar. As a result of these events, it appeared as though Xe'ra's ancient knowledge might be lost forever.

Despite the claim made by Velen, adventurers are eventually able to interact with Xe'ra without the need of another naaru, "unlocking" Light's Heart when it comes into contact with the Tears of Elune. Xe'ra (or possibly a memory of Xe'ra) talks to adventurers, revealing information about the origins of the Naaru and allowing adventurers to experience visions of pivotal points from Illidan Stormrage's history.

In Patch 7.3 ("Shadows of Argus"), a reconstructed Xe'ra attempts to forcefully fill Illidan Stormrage with the Light to fulfill her prophecy and making him the Chosen One. Claiming that his destiny is his own he destroys her with his eye beam. Pieces that remain are collected by the player to help power the [Netherlight Crucible], to further upgrade Artifact relics. On Argus, Xe'ra appears as the Spirit Healer.




Xe'ra tries to give the light to Illidan

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