Groups of three Death Talon Wyrmguards that are encountered before Boss 15 Ebonroc, Boss 15 Flamegor, and Boss 15 Chromaggus in Blackwing Lair.


The wyrmguards have varying brood powers and elemental shields which affect the way each one is killed. As such, the difficulty of these pulls can range from moderately easy to extremely complex. These pulls are generally viewed as being harder than the actual boss encounters they precede due to their highly variable mechanics.

Brood Powers

  • Green - Single target sleep on the main tank. An offtank must be ready to pick up the loose wyrmguard until the effect wears off. Should be killed first as they take up tanking resources.
  • Red - Heavy fire damage. Extra healing required but otherwise not dangerous. Usually the second to go down if a green wyrmguard is present.
  • Black - 800 to 1200 Fire Damage applied directly to the tank. Does not apply a debuff and you'll need to check the Battle Log to notice it. Treat the same way as Red brood powers are.
  • Blue - Reduced attack speed and reduced movement speed. They do the least overall damage but are harder to establish aggro on due to the slowing effects. Blue wyrmguards should be killed last, unless a bronze is present.
  • Bronze - Main tank is constantly sent spinning, making it hard for them to build aggro. In addition, nearby players will take cleave damage. It is possible for melee DPS to continue attacking if they stand on the far side of the wyrmguard. Bronze Wyrmguards should be killed last.

Elemental Shield

Each wyrmguard will have a 100% weakness[citation needed] to a certain element (Frost, Fire, Shadow, Arcane, or Nature). All other magic damage is reduced by 75%.[citation needed] Because DPS is extremely lopsided in these pulls, it is very easy for casters to pull aggro through overnuking. Lower rank offensive spells must be used for these pulls, regulating damage to about 1000 per 3 seconds.


One to two tanks should be assigned to each wyrmguard before pulling along with personal healers on each tank. Remaining warriors should be ready to pick up any wyrmguards with green brood power. Casters and ranged should be as far as possible with offtanks standing in between the MT and DPS camp to ensure a clean pickup. Green brood power wyrmguards should be killed first, then Red, Bronze, and Blue. This order frees up tanking resources and eliminates the most dangerous wyrmguards while giving tanks time to build solid aggro on the bronze and blue wyrmguards. Melee DPS should be focused on the main target to speed up takedowns.

On the last pull before Ebonroc, involving the 3, it is a valid strategy to pull them down into the area where firemaw was fought. The pull is done by a hunters pet and picked up by the tanks. Make sure that they are spread out incase there are two greens. With two greens involved, other tank's mobs may cause one AOE stun to hit another tank on another mob.

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