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This page is about Wrath healing equipment (plate).

Please link any gear that you come across that will be helpful for healing paladins. Please follow the format of the tables.

Remember also that the Wrath healing equipment (cloth), Wrath healing equipment (leather), and Wrath healing equipment (mail) lists are open to plate-wearers.

Note: Unlike priest or druid healers, spirit is basically useless for paladin healers. You can ignore spirit when comparing gear.

Note: The only two-handed weapons with significant healing bonuses are all staffs, and hence unavailable to paladins.

Head Edit

Item Spell Power Int Spell Critical Mp5 Haste Sockets Notes
[Brighthelm of Guarding]54+63-14--Drak'Tharon Keep trash, BoE
[Skull-Reshaper's Helm]66+37----Quest: The Thane of Voldrune
[Ornate Saronite Skullshield]66+44----Blacksmithing
[Carved Bone Helm]68+3839---Quest: Feedin' Da Goolz
[Helmet of the Constructor]70+5262--UI-EmptySocket-MetaUI-EmptySocket-RedSkarvald the Constructor, Utgarde Keep Heroic
[Savage Gladiator's Ornamented Headcover]73+5236--UI-EmptySocket-MetaUI-EmptySocket-RedPvP
[The Argent Crown]78+3761---Quest: The Crusader's Pinnacle
[Crown of Forgotten Kings]81+52-21-UI-EmptySocket-BlueKing Ymiron, Utgarde Pinnacle
[Platehelm of Irate Revenge]81+68--53-Quest: Vengeance Be Mine!
[Plated Skullguard]84+4026--UI-EmptySocket-YellowQuest: A Delicate Touch
[Helm of Purified Thoughts]84+6945--UI-EmptySocket-MetaUI-EmptySocket-BlueArgent Crusade - Exalted
[Helm of the Corrupted Mind]84+6949-36UI-EmptySocket-MetaUI-EmptySocket-RedLoatheb, Naxxramas 10
[Heroes' Redemption Headpiece]85+694417-UI-EmptySocket-MetaUI-EmptySocket-RedKel'Thuzad, Naxxramas 10
[Hateful Gladiator's Ornamented Headcover]87+4544--UI-EmptySocket-MetaUI-EmptySocket-RedPvP
[Faceguard of the Hammer Clan]90+60-30--Jedoga Shadowseeker, Ahn'kahet Heroic
[Brilliant Saronite Helm]93+53-20--Blacksmithing
[Deadly Gladiator's Ornamented Headcover]99+5051--UI-EmptySocket-MetaUI-EmptySocket-RedPvP
[Faceguard of the Succumbed]99+7242-61UI-EmptySocket-MetaUI-EmptySocket-BlueThaddius, Naxxramas 25
[Valorous Redemption Headpiece]99+775120-UI-EmptySocket-BlueUI-EmptySocket-RedKel'Thuzad, Naxxramas 25
[Faceguard of the Eyeless Horror]105+657624-UI-EmptySocket-MetaUI-EmptySocket-BlueYogg-Saron, Ulduar 10
[Valorous Aegis Headpiece]105+8154-55UI-EmptySocket-MetaUI-EmptySocket-BlueMimiron, Ulduar 10
[Brilliant Titansteel Helm]108-5324-UI-EmptySocket-MetaUI-EmptySocket-BlueBlacksmithing
[Ancient Iron Heaume]115+8167-60UI-EmptySocket-MetaUI-EmptySocket-YellowAssembly of Iron, Ulduar 25
[Conqueror's Aegis Headpiece]115+8659-60UI-EmptySocket-MetaUI-EmptySocket-BlueThorim, Ulduar 25
[Helm of Diminished Pride]118+727723--Maexxna, Naxxramas 25
[Furious Gladiator's Ornamented Headcover]123+6064--UI-EmptySocket-MetaUI-EmptySocket-RedPvP

Shoulders Edit

Item Spell Power Int Spell Critical Mp5 Haste Sockets Notes
[Spaulders of Ichoron]42+4931---Ichoron, The Violet Hold
[Life-Light Pauldrons]46+3826---Quest: The Storm King's Vengeance
[Pauldrons of Extinguished Hatred]53+3739---Quest: Diametrically Opposed
[Pauldrons of Morbidus]53+4537---Quest: The Flesh Giant Champion
[Savage Gladiator's Ornamented Chestguard]59+3831--UI-EmptySocket-YellowPvP
[Ferocious Pauldrons of the Rhino]59+4449--UI-EmptySocket-YellowGortok Palehoof, Utgarde Pinnacle Heroic
[Discarded Silver Hand Spaulders]60+40-20--Mal'ganis, Culling of Stratholme
[Brilliant Saronite Pauldrons]65--11--Blacksmithing
[Hateful Gladiator's Ornamented Spaulders]68+3336--UI-EmptySocket-YellowPvP
[Pauldrons of Destiny]68+42-23--Mal'ganis, Culling of Stratholme Heroic
[Heroes' Redemption Spaulders]68+5248-31UI-EmptySocket-YellowLoatheb, Naxxramas 10
[Frostblight Pauldrons]76+52-1548-Grand Widow Faerlina, Naxxramas 10
[Deadly Gladiator's Ornamented Spaulders]78+3742--UI-EmptySocket-YellowPvP
[Noble Birthright Pauldrons]78+57-1843-Sapphiron, Naxxramas 25
[Valorous Redemption Spaulders]78+5755-35UI-EmptySocket-YellowLoatheb, Naxxramas 25
[Valorous Aegis Spaulders]83+6045-52UI-EmptySocket-BlueThorim, Ulduar 10
[Epaulets of the Grieving Servant]88+5655-43-Grand Widow Faerlina, Naxxramas 25
[Conqueror's Aegis Spaulders]90+6448-57UI-EmptySocket-BlueYogg-Saron, Ulduar 25
[Focusing Energy Epaulets]91+513822--Malygos, Eye of Eternity 10
[Pauldrons of Tempered Will]92+6643-34-Ignis the Furnace Master, Ulduar 10
[Furious Gladiator's Ornamented Spaulders]96+4551--UI-EmptySocket-YellowPvP
[Elevated Lair Pauldrons]99+646220--Malygos, Eye of Eternity 25
[Razorscale Shoulderguards]99+65-2060-Razorscale, Ulduar 25

Chest Edit

Item Spell Power Int Spell Critical Mp5 Haste Sockets Notes
[Chestplate of the Northern Lights]47+55-12--Dalronn the Controller, Utgarde Keep
[Besieging Breastplate]67+60-21--Quest: Aces High!
[Ornamented Plate Regalia]71+60-25-UI-EmptySocket-BlueUI-EmptySocket-RedKing Ymiron, Utgarde Pinnacle Heroic
[Ornate Saronite Hauberk]72--15--Blacksmithing
[Savage Gladiator's Ornamented Chestguard]73+5236--UI-EmptySocket-RedUI-EmptySocket-YellowPvP
[Eregos' Ornamented Chestguard]81+535212-UI-EmptySocket-BlueLey-Guardian Eregos, The Oculus
[Heroes' Redemption Tunic]85+69-1860UI-EmptySocket-RedUI-EmptySocket-BlueFour Horsemen, Naxxramas 10
[Chivalric Chestguard]85+6936-64UI-EmptySocket-RedUI-EmptySocket-BlueAnub'Rekhan, Naxxramas 10
[Hateful Gladiator's Ornamented Chestguard]87+4544--UI-EmptySocket-RedUI-EmptySocket-YellowPvP
[Patina-Coated Breastplate]91+55--78-Trash mobs, Halls of Stone, BoE
[Breastplate of the Afterlife]95+106-2462UI-EmptySocket-RedRazorscale, Ulduar 10
[Deadly Gladiator's Ornamented Chestguard]98+5051--UI-EmptySocket-RedUI-EmptySocket-YellowPvP
[Valorous Redemption Tunic]99+77-2067UI-EmptySocket-RedUI-EmptySocket-BlueFour Horsemen, Naxxramas 25
[Brilliant Saronite Breastplate]103-3820--Blacksmithing
[Valorous Aegis Tunic]105+815428-UI-EmptySocket-YellowUI-EmptySocket-BlueYogg-Saron, Ulduar 10
[Conqueror's Aegis Tunic]115+866030-UI-EmptySocket-YellowUI-EmptySocket-BlueHodir, Ulduar 25
[Chestguard of Bitter Charms]118+677726--Heigan the Unclean, Naxxramas 25
[Chestplate of the Great Aspects]123+7227-82-Sartharion, Obsidian Sanctum 25
[Furious Gladiator's Ornamented Chestguard]123+6064--UI-EmptySocket-RedUI-EmptySocket-YellowPvP
[Lifeforge Breastplate]123+846830-UI-EmptySocket-BlueIgnis the Furnace Master, Ulduar 25, BoE
[Breastplate of the Devoted]131+9276-58UI-EmptySocket-BlueUI-EmptySocket-RedUI-EmptySocket-YellowXT-002 Deconstructor Hard, Ulduar 25

Wrist Edit

Item Spell Power Int Spell Critical Mp5 Haste Sockets Notes
[Insulating Bindings]26+3226---Grand Magus Telestra, The Nexus
[Disavowed Bracers]35+24-12--Quest: Head Games
[Ornate Saronite Bracers]37--10--Blacksmithing
[Ring of Jokkum]37+28----Quest Reward
[Brilliant Saronite Bracers]39-3512--Blacksmithing
[Bands of Fading Light]41+30--35UI-EmptySocket-BlueUtgarde Pinnacle Heroic trash, BoE
[Bindings of the Construct]44+38-10--The Oculus, BoE
[Bracers of Accorded Courtesy]46+29--22UI-EmptySocket-YellowThe Wyrmrest Accord-Honored
[Catalytic Bands]50+3343---Mage-Lord Urom, The Nexus Heroic
[Bracers of Righteous Reformation]52+43-1829UI-EmptySocket-BlueTrash drop, Ulduar 10
[Abetment Bracers]56+41-1237UI-EmptySocket-BlueGothik the Harvester, Naxxramas 25
[Bone-Framed Bracers]57+343612--Noth the Plaguebringer, Naxxramas 10
[Hateful Gladiator's Bracers of Salvation]59+24-14--PvP
[Flamebeard's Bracers]59+3849---Anub'Arak, Azjol-Nerub Heroic
[Unfaltering Armguards]64+49-1428UI-EmptySocket-BlueKologarn, Ulduar 25
[Deadly Gladiator's Bracers of Salvation]66+29-15--PvP
[Zartson's Jungle Vambraces]66+38-1341-Emblems of Valor
[Bracers of Liberation]66+4341-28-Grobbulus, Naxxramas 25
[Armbands of the Construct]69+404413--XT-002 Deconstructor, Ulduar 10, BoE
[Furious Gladiator's Bracers of Salvation]73+31-17--PvP
[Horologist's Wristguards]74+423618--XT-002 Deconstructor, Ulduar 25

Hands Edit

Item Spell Power Int Spell Critical Mp5 Haste Sockets Notes
[Gauntlets of the Cheerful Hearth]26+29308--BoE world drop
[Aura Focused Gauntlets]37+46-11--Krik'thir the Gatewatcher, Azjol-Nerub
[Ornate Saronite Gauntlets]52--11--Blacksmithing
[Savage Gladiator's Ornamented Gloves]59+3922--UI-EmptySocket-BluePvP
[Sparkly Shiny Gloves]60+5137---Frenzyheart Tribe - Revered
[Gauntlets of the Windreacher]62+4328---Quest Reward
[Hateful Gladiator's Ornamented Gloves]68+3327--UI-EmptySocket-BluePvP
[Web Winder Gloves]68+42--57-Heroic dungeon
[Plated Gloves of Relief]68+513019-UI-EmptySocket-RedInstructor Razuvious, Naxxramas 10
[Heroes' Redemption Gloves]68+5148-30UI-EmptySocket-BlueSartharion, Obsidian Sanctum 10
[Grips of Sculptured Icicles]68+5842---Commander Stoutbeard/Kolurg, The Nexus Heroic
[Brilliant Saronite Gauntlets]70-33---Blacksmithing
[Web Cocoon Grips]77+51-1548-Maexxna, Naxxramas 10
[Deadly Gladiator's Ornamented Gloves]78+3732--UI-EmptySocket-BluePvP
[Gauntlets of Guiding Touch]78+57-1747UI-EmptySocket-RedInstructor Razuvious, Naxxramas 25
[Valorous Redemption Gloves]78+5755-35UI-EmptySocket-BlueSartharion, Obsidian Sanctum 25
[Righteous Gauntlets]83-30---Blacksmithing
[Valorous Aegis Gloves]83+60-1853UI-EmptySocket-RedFreya, Ulduar 10
[Rescinding Grips]88+5753-43-Anub'Rekhan, Naxxramas 25
[Conqueror's Aegis Gloves]90+64-1957UI-EmptySocket-RedMimiron, Ulduar 25
[Furious Gladiator's Ornamented Gloves]96+4539--UI-EmptySocket-BluePvP
[Gauntlets of the Thunder God]99+5641-54UI-EmptySocket-BlueUI-EmptySocket-RedThorim Hard, Ulduar 10
[Gloves of the Pythonic Guardian]99+654924--Kologarn, Ulduar 25
[Gauntlets of Serene Blessing]100+60-2256-28 Spell holy championsgrace

Waist Edit

Item Spell Power Int Spell Critical Mp5 Haste Sockets Notes
[Crawler-Emblem Belt]39+4630---Elder Nadox, Ahn'kahet
[Belt of Crystalline Tears]47+25----BoE world drop
[Ionar's Girdle]60+4050---Ionar, Halls of Lightning
[Brilliant Saronite Belt]65-4311--Blacksmithing
[Hateful Gladiator's Girdle of Salvation]68+33-14-UI-EmptySocket-BluePvP
[Girdle of the Warrior Magi]68+4242--UI-EmptySocket-YellowKirin Tor - Revered
[Girdle of Ice]68+4441--UI-EmptySocket-YellowAnomalus, The Nexus Heroic
[Remembrance Girdle]68+48-1444-Sartharion One Drake, Obsidian Sanctum 10
[Magroth's Meditative Cincture]68+5138-40UI-EmptySocket-Yellow40 Spell holy proclaimchampion
[Tainted Girdle of Mending]77+484418--Patchwerk, Naxxramas 10
[Sjonnir's Girdle]77+51-26--Sjonnir the Ironshaper, Halls of Stone Heroic
[Deadly Gladiator's Girdle of Salvation]78+37-17-UI-EmptySocket-BluePvP
[Plate Girdle of Righteousness]81+62-2240UI-EmptySocket-RedUI-EmptySocket-BlueBlacksmithing
[Waistguard of Divine Grace]88+5737-55-Patchwerk, Naxxramas 25
[Girdle of Unity]88+574322--Loatheb, Naxxramas 25
[Furious Gladiator's Girdle of Salvation]90+42-20-UI-EmptySocket-BluePvP
[Cable of the Metrognome]92+57-2249-Mimiron, Ulduar 10, BoE
[Belt of Clinging Hope]99+65-2256-General Vezax, Ulduar 25
[Girdle of Unyielding Trust]100+574924--28 Spell holy championsgrace

Legs Edit

Item Spell Power Int Spell Critical Mp5 Haste Sockets Notes
[Dalaran Warden's Legplates]44+573822--Quest: Containment
[Legguards of the Forlorn Seas]56+314216--BoE world drop
[Ornate Saronite Legplates]59-44---Blacksmithing
[Legplates of the Vengeful Mendicant]60+3352---Quest: Malas the Corruptor
[Ironshaper's Legplates]61+7140---Sjonnir the Ironshaper, Halls of Stone
[Savage Gladiator's Ornamented Legplates]73+5236--UI-EmptySocket-RedUI-EmptySocket-BluePvP
[Standard Issue Legguards]80+69--80UI-EmptySocket-BlueArgent Crusade - Honored
[Discarded Titanium Legplates]80+6953---Frenzyheart Tribe-Revered
[Shardling Legguards]82+55--70-Krystallus, Halls of Stone Heroic
[Leggings of Protective Auras]85+68--73UI-EmptySocket-RedUI-EmptySocket-YellowLey-Guardian Eregos, The Oculus, Heroic
[Heroes' Redemption Greaves]85+6844-60UI-EmptySocket-RedUI-EmptySocket-YellowThaddius, Naxxramas 10
[Hateful Gladiator's Ornamented Legplates]87+4544--UI-EmptySocket-RedUI-EmptySocket-BluePvP
[Brilliant Saronite Legplates]89-4412--Blacksmithing
[Legs of Physical Regeneration]91+78-23--Trollgore, Drak'Tharon Keep, Heroic
[Deadly Gladiator's Ornamented Legplates]99+5051--UI-EmptySocket-RedUI-EmptySocket-BluePvP
[Bone-Inlaid Legguards]99+775022-UI-EmptySocket-YellowUI-EmptySocket-BlueSapphiron, Naxxramas 25
[Valorous Redemption Greaves]99+7751-66UI-EmptySocket-RedUI-EmptySocket-YellowThaddius, Naxxramas 25
[Righteous Greaves]103-54---Blacksmithing
[Blackened Legplates of Feugen]104+69-2361-Thaddius, Naxxramas 10
[Valorous Aegis Greaves]105+81-2854UI-EmptySocket-RedUI-EmptySocket-BlueHodir, Ulduar 10
[Conqueror's Aegis Greaves]115+86-3075UI-EmptySocket-RedUI-EmptySocket-BlueFreya, Ulduar 25
[Legguards of the Peaceful Covenant]115+76-2958UI-EmptySocket-BlueUI-EmptySocket-Red39 Spell holy championsgrace
[Legguards of the Apostle]118+7758-72-Heigan the Unclean, Naxxramas 25
[Furious Gladiator's Ornamented Legplates]123+6064--UI-EmptySocket-RedUI-EmptySocket-BluePvP
[Frostplate Greaves]124+817527-UI-EmptySocket-BlueHodir, Ulduar 25
[Legplates of Flourishing Resolve]124+814326-UI-EmptySocket-BlueFreya, Ulduar 10

Feet Edit

Item Spell Power Int Spell Critical Mp5 Haste Sockets Notes
[Ornate Saronite Walkers]27-52---Blacksmithing
[Greaves of the Blue Flight]37+4326---Anomalus, The Nexus
[Slippers of the Mojo Dojo]47+4632---Quest: One of a Kind
[Mojo Frenzy Greaves]59+3850--UI-EmptySocket-RedHeroic dungeon
[Sabatons of Erekem]59+57-31-UI-EmptySocket-BlueErekem, The Violet Hold, Heroic
[Harpooner's Striders]60+40-20--Skadi the Ruthless, Utgarde Pinnacle
[Iva's Boots]64+29----Quest: Off With Their Black Wings
[Brilliant Saronite Boots]65-43---Blacksmithing
[Hateful Gladiator's Greaves of Salvation]68+33-14-UI-EmptySocket-YellowPvP
[Skywall Striders]68+4457---Ionar, Halls of Lightning Heroic
[Sabatons of Deathlike Gloom]77+514418--Gothik the Harvester, Naxxramas 10
[Deadly Gladiator's Greaves of Salvation]78+37-17-UI-EmptySocket-YellowPvP
[Poignant Sabatons]78+5735-55-Noth the Plaguebringer, Naxxramas 25
[Treads of Destiny]81+60-1949UI-EmptySocket-BlueUI-EmptySocket-RedBlacksmithing
[Sabatons of Rapid Recovery]88+50-2049-40 Spell holy proclaimchampion 02
[Faithful Steel Sabatons]88+504322--Instructor Razuvious, Naxxramas 25
[Furious Gladiator's Greaves of Salvation]90+42-20-UI-EmptySocket-YellowPvP
[Greaves of the Rockmender]90+624822-UI-EmptySocket-YellowAuriaya, Ulduar 25
[Sabatons of the Iron Watcher]91+544124--Kologarn, Ulduar 10
[Brilliant Titansteel Treads]93-3518--Blacksmithing
[Boots of Healing Energies]98+69-2643-Malygos, Eye of Eternity 25

Neck Edit

Item Spell Power Int Spirit Spell Critical Mp5 Haste Sockets Notes
[Necklace of Calm Skies]3026--8--Horde 15 [71] Disarmament
[Crystal Pendant of Warding]3035--9--Novos the Summoner, Drak'Tharon Keep
[Choker of Binding]3419--10--Neutral 15 [77] A Hero's Burden
[Blood Sun Necklace]40---1222UI-EmptySocket-BlueBoE crafted - 380 Jewelcrafting
[Amulet of the Crusade]4026--10-UI-EmptySocket-BlueNeutral 15 [80] The Admiral Revealed
[Chain of Fiery Orbs]4225--15--Maiden of Grief, Halls of Stone
[Timeless Beads of Eternos]442937---- Drakos the Interrogator, The Oculus
[Zuramat's Necklace]502829---- Zuramat the Obliterator, The Violet Hold [H]
[Dragon Prow Amulet]503343---- BoE trash drop, Utgarde Keep (H)
[Necromancer's Amulet]504142---- Salramm the Fleshcrafter, Culling of Stratholme (H)
[Amulet of Dazzling Light]5034--14--Anomalus, The Nexus (H)
[Ousted Bead Necklace]50385628--- BoP trash drop, Naxxramas 25
[Torque of the Red Dragonflight]5643-3015-UI-EmptySocket-YellowNeutral 15 [80R] Judgment at the Eye of Eternity
[Bone-Linked Amulet]57332550---Grobbulus, Naxxramas 10
[Pendant of Lost Vocations]5741--1236- Maexxna, Naxxramas 10
[Veiled Amulet of Life]593834--33-Gothik the Harvester, Naxxramas 10
[Hateful Gladiator's Pendant of Salvation]5924--14-- 38000 Pvpcurrency-honor-both
[Lattice Choker of Light]5938-3413-- 25 Spell holy proclaimchampion
[Wyrmrest Necklace of Power]6448---43UI-EmptySocket-BlueNeutral 15 [80R] Heroic Judgment at the Eye of Eternity
[Cosmic Lights]6538-37-41-Sapphiron, Naxxramas 25
[Deadly Gladiator's Pendant of Salvation]6629--15-- 47400 Pvpcurrency-honor-both
[Ceaseless Pity]6641-4313-- Sapphiron, Naxxramas 25
[Chains of Adoration]6643--1632- Multiple bosses, Naxxramas 25
[Necklace of the Glittering Chamber]69343837---Alexstrasza's Gift, Eye of Eternity 10

Back Edit

Item Spell Power Int Spirit Spell Critical Mp5 Haste Sockets Notes
[Cloak of the Moon]35+27--11--BoE crafted - 390 Tailoring
[Cloak of the Darkcaster]37+24--12--Jedoga Shadowseeker, Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom
[Reanimator's Cloak]41+31+38---UI-EmptySocket-RedBoE zone drop, Drak'Tharon Keep
[Bloodbane Shroud]41+34--10--Neutral 15 [80G5] The Fate of Bloodbane
[Subterranean Waterfall Shroud]43+26+54----Jedoga Shadowseeker, Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom (H)
[Shroud of Resurrection]44+29--15--Gortok Palehoof, Utgarde Pinnacle
[Shroud of Moorabi]51+43+32----Moorabi, Gundrak (H)
[Shroud of the Citadel]58+36-38-25- Sapphiron, Naxxramas 10
[Hateful Gladiator's Cloak of Salvation]59+24--14-- 38000 Pvpcurrency-honor-both
[Wispcloak]59+36--20--BoE crafted - Tailoring
[Drape of Surgery]59+38--1425- Patchwerk, Naxxramas 10
[Shroud of Luminosity]65+43-38-28- Multiple bosses, Naxxramas 25
[Shawl of the Old Maid]66+43+3837--- Multiple bosses, Naxxramas 25
[Deadly Gladiator's Cloak of Salvation]66+29--15-- 47400 Pvpcurrency-honor-both
[Cloak of the Dying]66+43-3815-- Kel'Thuzad, Naxxramas 10
[Cloak of Averted Crisis]66+47-3815-- Multiple bosses, Naxxramas 25
[Cloak of Kea Feathers]66+43--1728- 25 Spell holy proclaimchampion 02
[Cape of the Unworthy Wizard]74+42+4942---Kel'Thuzad, Naxxramas 25

Ring Edit

Item Spell Power Int Spirit Spell Critical Mp5 Haste Sockets Notes
[Band of Wholesome Preservation]26+20-207-- Neutral 15 [72G3] The Assassination of Harold Lane
[Earthshadow Ring]26+2129---UI-EmptySocket-Blue BoP crafted - 370 Jewelcrafting
[Band of Glittering Permafrost]26+33--8-- Keristrasza, The Nexus
[Ring of Decimation]33+1934---- Alliance 15 [71D] Into Utgarde!
Horde 15 [71D] Ingvar Must Die!
[Signet of Swift Judgement]34+20--11-- Alliance 15 [71D] Into Utgarde!
Horde 15 [71D] Ingvar Must Die!
[Twisted Puzzle-Ring]35+21--13-- BoE world drop
[Kurzel's Angst]39+33--10-- Neutral 15 [74D] Search and Rescue
[Bat-Wool Signet]40+2534---- Neutral 15 [80G5] Basic Chemistry
[Band of Eyes]40+2634---- Moragg, The Violet Hold
[Flourishing Band]40+34--10-- Neutral 15 [80D] The Struggle Persists
[Newt-Eye Ring]40+34--1114- Neutral 15 [80G5] Basic Chemistry
[Ring of the Fated]42+37--10--Noth the Plaguebringer, Naxxramas 10
[Ringlet of Repose]43+2736----Maiden of Grief, Halls of Stone
[Enchanted Wire Stitching]46+2738----Meathook, Culling of Stratholme
[Band of Enchanted Growth]50+31--17--Mage-Lord Urom, The Oculus (H)
[Spectral Seal of the Prophet]51+30+52----The Prophet Tharon'ja, Drak'Tharon Keep (H)
[Lion's Head Ring]55+2020---- Neutral 15 [78D] For Posterity
[Circle of Life]59+36--1334-Sapphiron, Naxxramas 10
[Timeworn Silken Band]59+38+28+36---Maexxna, Naxxramas 10
[Ring of Holy Cleansing]59+38+29--36-Heigan the Unclean, Naxxramas 10
[Band of Neglected Pleas]59+38-3313--Anub'Rekhan, Naxxramas 10
[Loop of the Kirin Tor]59+34+36-11-- 8500Gold
[Band of Channeled Magic]65+4132---43 25 Spell holy proclaimchampion 02
[Lost Jewel]65+38+3742---Naxxramas 25 (several bosses)
[Ring of Decaying Beauty]66+40--1635-Sapphiron, Naxxramas 25
[Seized Beauty]66+43-3815--Naxxramas 25 (several bosses)
[Renewal of Life]66+41-2817-- 25 Spell holy proclaimchampion 02
[Wyrmrest Band]67+40--1632- Sartharion, Obsidian Sanctum 25
[Signet of Manifested Pain]74+49-46-36-Kel'Thuzad, Naxxramas 25

Trinkets Edit

Item Spell Power Use Notes
[Tome of Arcane Phenomena]68+256 spell power over 20 secondsCache of Eregos, Oculus
[Soul Preserver]75Heals have chance to cost 800 lessDark Runed Chest, Culling of Stratholme (N)
[The Egg of Mortal Essence]98Heals have chance for +505 haste40 Emblem of Heroism
[Je'Tze's Bell]????Zone drop, Naxrammas (N)
[Embrace of the Spider]98Spells have chance for +505 hasteZone drop, Naxrammas, (N)
[Darkmoon Card: Illusion]100Shield absorbs 400 damagePrisms Deck, Darkmoon Faire
[Forethought Talisman]111Chance for heal over time of 3,572Zone drop, Naxrammas (H)

Weapon (1H) Edit

Item Spell power Int Spirit Mp5 Haste Crit IconSmall Priest IconSmall Druid IconSmall Shaman IconSmall Paladin Notes
[Melia's Magnificent Scepter]232+21-10--BlipBlipBlipBlipBoE world drop
[Hammer of Wrenching Change]279+25-8-14BlipBlipBlipBlipNeutral 15 [80] Tirion's Gambit
[Cudgel of Saronite Justice]281--1350-BlipBlipBlipBlip BoE crafted - 410 Blacksmithing
[Screw-Sprung Fixer-Upper]281+19-10-21BlipBlipBlipBlipNeutral 15 [77G5] The Champion of Anguish
[Frozen Scepter of Necromancy]292-+35---BlipBlipBlipBlipMoorabi, Gundrak
[Totemic Purification Rod]314+39--32-BlipBlipBlipBlipKalu'ak (Revered)- Sairuk
[Beguiling Scepter]314+29---30BlipBlipBlipBlipDark Runed Chest, Culling of Stratholme
[Jeweled Coronation Sword]314+29+23--30---BlipKing Ymiron, Utgarde Pinnacle
[The Blessed Hammer of Grace]343--9--BlipBlipBlipBlip 250 Inv misc platnumdisks
[Devout Aurastone Hammer]343+42-7--BlipBlipBlipBlip 50 Spell holy proclaimchampion
[Flameheart Spell Scalpel]355+33---25BlipBlipBlip-Kirin Tor (Revered) - Archmage Alvareaux
[Savage Gladiator's Gavel]355+28-11--BlipBlipBlipBlipPvP
[Cursed Lich Blade]355+32+24------BlipNovos the Summoner, Drak'Tharon Keep (H)
[Netherbreath Spellblade]355+32+26--34BlipBlipBlip-Skadi the Ruthless, Utgarde Pinnacle (H)
[Gavel of the Fleshcrafter]355+33-13--BlipBlipBlipBlipSalramm the Fleshcrafter, Culling of Stratholme (H)
[Grieving Spellblade]408+40--2737---BlipGrand Widow Faerlina, Naxxramas 10
[Infection Repulser]408+37-1140-BlipBlipBlipBlipGrobbulus, Naxxramas 10
[War Mace of Unrequited Love]408+49-19--BlipBlipBlipBlipKeristrasza, The Nexus (H)
[Titansteel Guardian]457----29BlipBlipBlipBlipBoE crafted - 440 Blacksmithing
[Wraith Strike]461+42--4331-BlipBlip-Maexxna, Naxxramas 25
[Life and Death]461+44--2942---BlipGothik the Harvester, Naxxramas 25
[Hammer of the Astral Plane]461+44--3142BlipBlipBlipBlipKel'Thuzad, Naxxramas 10
[Ice Spire Scepter]461+47+25-38-BlipBlipBlipBlipMalygos, Eye of Eternity 25
[The Impossible Dream]461+44+31--42BlipBlipBlipBlipLoatheb, Naxxramas 25
[Deadly Gladiator's Gavel]461+36-14--BlipBlipBlipBlip 3150 Pvp-arenapoints-icon-16x16
[Torch of Holy Fire]520+49-1548-BlipBlipBlipBlipKel'Thuzad, Naxxramas 25

Shields Edit

Item Spell Power Int Spell Critical Mp5 Haste Sockets Notes
[Tharon'ja's Aegis]30+3523---The Prophet Tharon'ja, Drak'Tharon Keep
[Lordaeron's Resolve]37+35----Alliance Vanguard - Revered
[Warsong Stormshield]37+35----Horde Expedition - Revered
[Pulsing Spellshield]37+41-4636-XT-002 Deconstructor, Ulduar 10
[Tor's Crest]46+2938---King Ymiron, Utgarde Pinnacle
[Saronite Protector]48+1723---BoE crafted - 390 Blacksmithing
[Savage Gladiator's Redoubt]50+21-12--PvP
[Facade Shield of Glyphs]50+30-17--Krik'thir the Gatewatcher, Azjol-Nerub (H)
[Zom's Crackling Bulwark]58+36-20--BoE world drop
[Hateful Gladiator's Redoubt]59+24-14--PvP
[Protective Barricade of the Light]59+34 2515-- 35 Spell holy proclaimchampion
[Aegis of Damnation]60+3936-28-Maexxna, Naxxramas 10
[Deadly Gladiator's Redoubt]66+29-15--PvP
[Shield of Assimilation]66+43-1538-Four Horsemen, Naxxramas 25
[Ice Layered Barrier]74+49-1546-Hodir Hard, Ulduar 10
[Voice of Reason]74+4946-31-Kel'Thuzad, Naxxramas 25
[Wisdom's Hold]75+4840-47UI-EmptySocket-BlueThorim Hard, Ulduar 25
[Furious Gladiator's Redoubt]78+33-18--PvP

Offhand Edit

Wrath healing equipment/Offhand Summary

Librams Edit

Item Effect Notes
[Blessed Book of Nagrand]Increases healing done by Flash of Light by up to 79 (actually 42)Quest: The Ultimate Bloodsport
[Libram of the Lightbringer]Increases healing done by Holy Light by up to 87.The Botanica - Commander Sarannis
[Libram of Mending]Your Holy Light spell grants 22 mana per 5 sec. for 30 sec.Badge of Justice Reward: 20 Badge of justice
[Gladiator's Libram of Justice]Causes your Flash of Light to increase the target's Resilience rating by 26 for 6 sec.Arena: 870 Pvp-arenapoints-icon-16x16
[Libram of Absolute Truth]Reduces the mana cost of Holy Light by 27.Serpentshrine Cavern - The Lurker Below
[Libram of Souls Redeemed]Increases the benefit your Flash of Light and Holy Light spells receive from Blessing of Light by 60 or 120 respectively.Karazhan - Opera Event
[Libram of Renewal]Reduces the mana cost of Holy Light by 113.40 Emblem of Heroism

Enchantments Edit

Slot Name Effect Notes
Head[Arcanum of Blissful Mending]+30 Spell Power, +8 Mp5Wyrmrest Accord: Revered
Head[Arcanum of Burning Mysteries]+30 Spell Power, +20 Critical RatingKirin Tor: Revered
Shoulder[Lesser Inscription of the Crag]+18 Spell Power, +4 Mp5Sons of Hodir: Honored
Shoulder[Lesser Inscription of the Storm]+18 Spell Power, +10 critical ratingSons of Hodir: Honored
Shoulder[Greater Inscription of the Storm]+24 Spell Power, +15 critical ratingSons of Hodir: Exalted
Shoulder[Greater Inscription of the Crag]+30 Spell Power, +4 Mp5Sons of Hodir: Exalted
BackEnchant Cloak - Wisdom+10 Spirit and reduces threat by a small amount
BackEnchant Cloak - Haste+20 Haste Rating
ChestEnchant Chest - Greater Mana Restoration+8 Mp5
ChestEnchant Chest - Super Stats+8 All stats
WristEnchant Bracers - Restore Mana Prime+6 Mp5
WristEnchant Bracers - Exceptional Intellect+16 Int
WristEnchant Bracers - Greater Spellpower+20 Spell Power
HandsEnchant Gloves - Exceptional Spellpower+28 Spell Power
Legs[Silver Spellthread]+25 Spell Power, +15 StaminaTailoring: Aldor: Honored
Legs[Golden Spellthread]+35 Spell Power, +20 StaminaTailoring: Aldor: Exalted
Legs[Azure Spellthread]+35 Spell Power, +20 StaminaTailoring: 400
Legs[Shining Spellthread]+35 Spell Power, +12 SpiritTailoring: 400
Legs[Brilliant Spellthread]+50 Spell Power, +20 SpiritTailoring: Argent Crusade: Exalted
Legs[Sapphire Spellthread]+50 Spell Power, +30 StaminaTailoring: Kirin Tor: Exalted
FeetEnchant Boots - Greater Vitality+6 Mp5, +6 Hp5
FingerEnchant Ring - Healing Power+12 Spell PowerEnchanters only
WeaponEnchant Weapon - Spellsurge3% chance on spellcast to restore 100 mana to all party members over 10 seconds.
WeaponEnchant Weapon - Major Intellect+30 Intellect
WeaponEnchant Weapon - Exceptional Spellpower+50 Spell Power

Gems Edit

Red, match UI-EmptySocket-Red red sockets. Yellow, match UI-EmptySocket-Yellow yellow sockets. Blue, match UI-EmptySocket-Blue blue sockets.
Gem Effects Gem Effects Gem Effects
[Runed Bloodstone] +14 Spell Power [Brilliant Sun Crystal] +12 Intellect [Lustrous Chalcidony] +5 Mana every 5 sec
[Runed Scarlet Ruby] +19 Spell Power [Brilliant Autumn's Glow] +16 Intellect [Lustrous Sky Sapphire] +6 Mana every 5 sec
[Runed Cardinal Ruby] +23 Spell Power [Brilliant King's Amber] +20 Intellect [Lustrous Majestic Zircon] +8 Mana every 5 sec
[Runed Dragon's Eye] +32 Spell Power [Brilliant Dragon's Eye] +27 Intellect [Lustrous Dragon's Eye] +11 Mana every 5 sec
Orange, match UI-EmptySocket-Yellow yellow or UI-EmptySocket-Red red sockets.
Gem Effects Gem Effects Gem Effects
[Luminous Huge Citrine] +7 Spell Power +6 Intellect [Potent Huge Citrine] +7 Spell Power +6 Critical Strike [Reckless Huge Citrine] +7 Spell Power +6 Haste Rating
[Luminous Monarch Topaz] +9 Spell Power +8 Intellect [Potent Monarch Topaz] +9 Spell Power +8 Critical Strike [Reckless Monarch Topaz] +9 Spell Power +8 Haste Rating
[Luminous Ametrine] +12 Spell Power +10 Intellect [Potent Ametrine] +12 Spell Power +10 Critical Strike [Reckless Ametrine] +12 Spell Power +10 Haste Rating
Green, match UI-EmptySocket-Yellow yellow or UI-EmptySocket-Blue blue sockets.
Gem Effects Gem Effects
[Dazzling Dark Jade] +6 Intellect +2 Mana every 5 seconds [Timeless Dark Jade] +6 Intellect +9 Stamina
[Dazzling Forest Emerald] +8 Intellect +3 Mana every 5 seconds [Timeless Forest Emerald] +8 Intellect +12 Stamina
[Dazzling Eye of Zul] +10 Intellect +4 Mana every 5 seconds [Timeless Eye of Zul] +10 Intellect +15 Stamina
Purple, match UI-EmptySocket-Red red or UI-EmptySocket-Blue blue sockets.
Gem Effects Gem Effects
[Royal Shadow Crystal] +7 Spell Power +2 Mana every 5 sec [Glowing Shadow Crystal] +7 Spell Power +9 Stamina
[Royal Twilight Opal] +9 Spell Power +3 Mana every 5 sec [Glowing Twilight Opal] +9 Spell Power + 12 Stamina
[Royal Dreadstone] +12 Spell Power +4 Mana every 5 sec [Glowing Dreadstone] +12 Spell Power + 15 Stamina
Meta, match UI-EmptySocket-Meta meta sockets.
Gem Effects Requirements
[Revitalizing Skyflare Diamond] +8 Mana every 5 seconds 3% Increased Critical Healing Effect Requires at least 2 Red gems
[Beaming Earthsiege Diamond] +21 Critical Strike Rating +2% Mana Requires at least 2 Red gems, Requires at least 1 Yellow gems
[Insightful Earthsiege Diamond] +21 Intellect Chance to restore mana on spellcast Requires at least 1 Red gems, Requires at least 1 Yellow gems, Requires at least 1 Blue gems
[Bracing Earthsiege Diamond] +25 Spell Power 2% Reduced Threat Requires at least 2 Red gems, Requires at least 1 Blue gem
[Ember Skyflare Diamond] +25 Spell Power +2% Intellect Requires at least 3 Red gems
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