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Death Knight / Paladin

This page is about Wrath healing equipment (cloth).

For other armor-types, please see Wrath healing equipment (plate), Wrath healing equipment (mail), and Wrath healing equipment (leather).

Head Edit

Item Spell Power Int Spi Spell Crit Mp5 Haste Sockets Notes
[Crown of Unbridled Magic]816252---UI-EmptySocket-MetaUI-EmptySocket-YellowEregos, The Oculus (H)
[Forgotten Shadow Hood]824466---UI-EmptySocket-MetaUI-EmptySocket-BlueSalramm the Fleshcrafter, Culling of Stratholme (H)
[Cowl of the Dire Troll]915578----Trollgore, Drak'Tharon Keep (H)
[Elder Headpiece]917755----Elder Nadox, Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom (H)
[Cowl of Sheet Lightning]8568--1548UI-EmptySocket-MetaUI-EmptySocket-YellowThaddius, Naxxramas 10
[Cowl of Winged Fear]87604536--UI-EmptySocket-MetaUI-EmptySocket-YellowSapphiron, Naxxramas 10
[Cowl of Vanity]997963--40UI-EmptySocket-MetaUI-EmptySocket-RedGrobbulus, Naxxramas 25
[Valorous Crown of Faith]996967--50UI-EmptySocket-MetaUI-EmptySocket-RedKel'Thuzad, Naxxramas 25

Gluth, Naxxramas 25

[Cowl of Innocent Delight]1187758-20--Loatheb, Naxxramas 25

Shoulders Edit

Item Spell Power Int Spi Spell Crit Mp5 Haste Sockets Notes
[Mantle of the Intrepid Explorer]543346--26-Halls of Stone Quest reward
[Silken Amice of the Ymirjar]604051----Skadi the Ruthless, Utgarde Pinnacle
[Mantle of Electrical Charges]604051----General Bjarngrim, Halls of Lightning (H)
[Runecaster's Mantle]684744---UI-EmptySocket-YellowBoE trash mobs , Utgarde Keep (H)
[Mantle of Deceit]685442----Mal'Ganis, Culling of Stratholme (H)
[Heroes' Shoulderpads of Faith]68514436--UI-EmptySocket-BlueLoatheb, Naxxramas (10)
[Mantle of the Extensive Mind]7753--1844-Instructor Razuvious, Naxxramas (10)
[Valorous Shoulderpads of Faith]78575042--UI-EmptySocket-BlueLoatheb, Naxxramas (25)

Emblem of Valor reward: 60 Spell holy proclaimchampion 02 Gluth, Naxxramas 25

Chest Edit

Item Spell Power Int Spi Spell Crit Mp5 Haste Sockets Notes
[Pigment-Stained Robes]664356----The Kalu'ak - honored
[Raiments of the Titans]815259---UI-EmptySocket-YellowLoken , Halls of Lightning
[Bauble-Woven Gown]815568----Junk in My Trunk quest
[Heroes' Robe of Faith]856068-17-UI-EmptySocket-RedUI-EmptySocket-BlueGluth, Naxxramas (10)

Archavon the Stone Watcher, Vault of Archavon (10)

Emblem of Heroism reward: 80 Spell holy proclaimchampion

[Valorous Robe of Faith]996777-20-UI-EmptySocket-RedUI-EmptySocket-BlueGluth, Naxxramas (25)

Archavon the Stone Watcher, Vault of Archavon (25) Four Horsemen, Naxxramas (25)

[Robes of Mutation]99777142--UI-EmptySocket-RedUI-EmptySocket-YellowNoth the Plaguebringer, Naxxramas (25)
[Moonshroud Robe]1056889----BoP crafted

Wrist Edit

Item Spell Power Int Spi Spell Crit Mp5 Haste Sockets Notes
[Cuffs of Gratitude]40342617---Quest Reward - A Wing and a Prayer
[Demonic Fabric Bands]443438----Mal'Ganis , Culling of Stratholme
[Verdisa's Cuffs of Dreaming]443029---UI-EmptySocket-YellowDrakos the Interrogator , The Oculus
[Cuffs of the Trussed Hall]503143----Svala Sorrowgrave , Utgarde Pinnacle (H)
[Ancestral Sinew Wristguards]503327---UI-EmptySocket-Blue The Wyrmrest Accord - Revered
[Flame Sphere Bindings]5145--12-UI-EmptySocket-Blue Prince Taldaram , Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom (H)
[Azure Cloth Bindings]5938-50---Cyanigosa , The Violet Hold (H)
[Cuffs of Winged Levitation]593832--33-Eregos , The Oculus (H)
[Resurgent Phantom Bindings]593238--33-Gothik the Harvester , Naxxramas 10
[Bands of Impurity]56393734--UI-EmptySocket-RedNoth the Plaguebringer , Naxxramas 25

Hands Edit

Item Spell Power Int Spi Spell Crit Mp5 Haste Sockets Notes
[Gloves of Distorted Time]594453---UI-EmptySocket-YellowChrono-Lord Epoch, Culling of Stratholme (H)
[Muddied Crimson Gloves]604051---- Frenziedheart Tribe - Revered
[Gloves of the Azure-Lord]605140---- Varos Cloudstrider , The Oculus
[Gloves of the Crystal Gardener]684458----Ormorok the Tree-Shaper, The Nexus (H)
[Heroes' Gloves of Faith] T768484935--UI-EmptySocket-RedArchavon the Stone Watcher, Vault of Archavon
[Gloves of Glistening Runes]68514436--UI-EmptySocket-RedKeristrasza, The Nexus (H)
[Sterile Flesh-Handling Gloves]685841----Knights of the Ebon Blade - Revered
[Moonshroud Gloves]765167----BoE Crafted
[Overlook Handguards]775166----The Prophet Tharon'ja, Drak'Tharon Keep (H)
[Valorous Gloves of Faith]78554141--UI-EmptySocket-RedSartharion, Obsidian Sanctum 25

Gluth, Naxxramas 25

Waist Edit

Item Spell Power Int Spi Spell Crit Mp5 Haste Sockets Notes
[Fishy Cinch]603751----The Oracles - Revered
[Sash of Jordan]665555---UI-EmptySocket-RedBoE World Drop
[Sash of Phantasmal Images]684457----Mage-Lord Urom , The Oculus
[Elegant Temple Gardens' Girdle]684843-13-UI-EmptySocket-Yellow40 Emblem of Heroism
[Girdle of Bane]775138-13--King Ymiron , Utgarde Pinnacle (H)
[Sash of the Servant]7652-64---Anub'arak, Azjol-Nerub (H)
[Agonal Sash]765248--38-Anub'Rekhan, Naxxramas (H)
[Sash of Solitude]785837-18-UI-EmptySocket-BluePatchwerk, Naxxramas (H)

Legs Edit

Item Spell Power Int Spi Spell Crit Mp5 Haste Sockets Notes
[Leggings of Burning Gleam]616859----Krystallus, Halls of Stone
[Breeches of the Caller]737452---UI-EmptySocket-RedUI-EmptySocket-BlueIngvar the Plunderer, Utgarde Keep (H)
[Leggings of the Instructor]87645252--UI-EmptySocket-RedUI-EmptySocket-BlueInstructor Razuvious, Naxxramas (10)
[Cyanigosa's Leggings]915978----Cyanigosa, The Violet Hold (H)
[Leggings of Sapphiron]886072--41UI-EmptySocket-YellowUI-EmptySocket-RedSapphiron, Naxxramas
[Valorous Leggings of Faith]99776750--UI-EmptySocket-RedUI-EmptySocket-YellowThaddius, Naxxramas 25

Emblem of Valor reward: 75 Spell holy proclaimchampion 02 Gluth, Naxxramas 25

[Skirt of the Old Kingdom]10468--36--Herald Volazj, Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom (H)
[Distorted Limbs]1187772--58-Maexxna, Naxxramas (H)
[Leggings of Mortal Arrogance]115857157--UI-EmptySocket-RedUI-EmptySocket-BlueKel'Thuzad, Naxxramas (H)

Feet Edit

Item Spell Power Int Spirit Spell Critical Mp5 Haste Sockets Notes
[Footwraps of Teleportation]595739---UI-EmptySocket-Yellow Xevozz , The Violet Hold
[Aurora Slippers]604051----BoE crafted
[Sandals of Crimson Fury]7750---51UI-EmptySocket-Blue The Wyrmrest Accord - Exalted
[Sullen Cloth Boots]76503848---Patchwerk, Naxxramas 10
[Saltarello Shoes]775151--33-Heigan the Unclean, Naxxramas 10
[Serene Echoes]8857-4920--Heigan the Unclean, Naxxramas 25
[Slippers of the Holy Light]885557--37-40 Spell holy proclaimchampion 02
[Boots of Persuasion]78505535--UI-EmptySocket-YellowPatchwerk, Naxxramas 25
[Boots of Forlorn Wishes]785066--33UI-EmptySocket-YellowInstructor Razuvious, Naxxramas (H)
[Arcanic Tramplers]995262--46-Malygos, The Eye of Eternity (H)

Back Edit

Item Spell Power Int Spirit Spell Critical Mp5 Haste Sockets Notes
[Cloak of the Moon]35+27--11--BoE crafted - 390 Tailoring
[Cloak of the Darkcaster]37+24--12--Jedoga Shadowseeker, Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom
[Reanimator's Cloak]41+31+38---UI-EmptySocket-RedBoE zone drop, Drak'Tharon Keep
[Bloodbane Shroud]41+34--10--Neutral 15 [80G5] The Fate of Bloodbane
[Subterranean Waterfall Shroud]43+26+54----Jedoga Shadowseeker, Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom (H)
[Shroud of Resurrection]44+29--15--Gortok Palehoof, Utgarde Pinnacle
[Shroud of Moorabi]51+43+32----Moorabi, Gundrak (H)
[Shroud of the Citadel]58+36-38-25- Sapphiron, Naxxramas 10
[Hateful Gladiator's Cloak of Salvation]59+24--14-- 38000 Pvpcurrency-honor-both
[Wispcloak]59+36--20--BoE crafted - Tailoring
[Drape of Surgery]59+38--1425- Patchwerk, Naxxramas 10
[Shroud of Luminosity]65+43-38-28- Multiple bosses, Naxxramas 25
[Shawl of the Old Maid]66+43+3837--- Multiple bosses, Naxxramas 25
[Deadly Gladiator's Cloak of Salvation]66+29--15-- 47400 Pvpcurrency-honor-both
[Cloak of the Dying]66+43-3815-- Kel'Thuzad, Naxxramas 10
[Cloak of Averted Crisis]66+47-3815-- Multiple bosses, Naxxramas 25
[Cloak of Kea Feathers]66+43--1728- 25 Spell holy proclaimchampion 02
[Cape of the Unworthy Wizard]74+42+4942---Kel'Thuzad, Naxxramas 25

Neck Edit

Item Spell Power Int Spirit Spell Critical Mp5 Haste Sockets Notes
[Necklace of Calm Skies]3026--8--Horde 15 [71] Disarmament
[Crystal Pendant of Warding]3035--9--Novos the Summoner, Drak'Tharon Keep
[Choker of Binding]3419--10--Neutral 15 [77] A Hero's Burden
[Blood Sun Necklace]40---1222UI-EmptySocket-BlueBoE crafted - 380 Jewelcrafting
[Amulet of the Crusade]4026--10-UI-EmptySocket-BlueNeutral 15 [80] The Admiral Revealed
[Chain of Fiery Orbs]4225--15--Maiden of Grief, Halls of Stone
[Timeless Beads of Eternos]442937---- Drakos the Interrogator, The Oculus
[Zuramat's Necklace]502829---- Zuramat the Obliterator, The Violet Hold [H]
[Dragon Prow Amulet]503343---- BoE trash drop, Utgarde Keep (H)
[Necromancer's Amulet]504142---- Salramm the Fleshcrafter, Culling of Stratholme (H)
[Amulet of Dazzling Light]5034--14--Anomalus, The Nexus (H)
[Ousted Bead Necklace]50385628--- BoP trash drop, Naxxramas 25
[Torque of the Red Dragonflight]5643-3015-UI-EmptySocket-YellowNeutral 15 [80R] Judgment at the Eye of Eternity
[Bone-Linked Amulet]57332550---Grobbulus, Naxxramas 10
[Pendant of Lost Vocations]5741--1236- Maexxna, Naxxramas 10
[Veiled Amulet of Life]593834--33-Gothik the Harvester, Naxxramas 10
[Hateful Gladiator's Pendant of Salvation]5924--14-- 38000 Pvpcurrency-honor-both
[Lattice Choker of Light]5938-3413-- 25 Spell holy proclaimchampion
[Wyrmrest Necklace of Power]6448---43UI-EmptySocket-BlueNeutral 15 [80R] Heroic Judgment at the Eye of Eternity
[Cosmic Lights]6538-37-41-Sapphiron, Naxxramas 25
[Deadly Gladiator's Pendant of Salvation]6629--15-- 47400 Pvpcurrency-honor-both
[Ceaseless Pity]6641-4313-- Sapphiron, Naxxramas 25
[Chains of Adoration]6643--1632- Multiple bosses, Naxxramas 25
[Necklace of the Glittering Chamber]69343837---Alexstrasza's Gift, Eye of Eternity 10

Ring Edit

Item Spell Power Int Spirit Spell Critical Mp5 Haste Sockets Notes
[Band of Wholesome Preservation]26+20-207-- Neutral 15 [72G3] The Assassination of Harold Lane
[Earthshadow Ring]26+2129---UI-EmptySocket-Blue BoP crafted - 370 Jewelcrafting
[Band of Glittering Permafrost]26+33--8-- Keristrasza, The Nexus
[Ring of Decimation]33+1934---- Alliance 15 [71D] Into Utgarde!
Horde 15 [71D] Ingvar Must Die!
[Signet of Swift Judgement]34+20--11-- Alliance 15 [71D] Into Utgarde!
Horde 15 [71D] Ingvar Must Die!
[Twisted Puzzle-Ring]35+21--13-- BoE world drop
[Kurzel's Angst]39+33--10-- Neutral 15 [74D] Search and Rescue
[Bat-Wool Signet]40+2534---- Neutral 15 [80G5] Basic Chemistry
[Band of Eyes]40+2634---- Moragg, The Violet Hold
[Flourishing Band]40+34--10-- Neutral 15 [80D] The Struggle Persists
[Newt-Eye Ring]40+34--1114- Neutral 15 [80G5] Basic Chemistry
[Ring of the Fated]42+37--10--Noth the Plaguebringer, Naxxramas 10
[Ringlet of Repose]43+2736----Maiden of Grief, Halls of Stone
[Enchanted Wire Stitching]46+2738----Meathook, Culling of Stratholme
[Band of Enchanted Growth]50+31--17--Mage-Lord Urom, The Oculus (H)
[Spectral Seal of the Prophet]51+30+52----The Prophet Tharon'ja, Drak'Tharon Keep (H)
[Lion's Head Ring]55+2020---- Neutral 15 [78D] For Posterity
[Circle of Life]59+36--1334-Sapphiron, Naxxramas 10
[Timeworn Silken Band]59+38+28+36---Maexxna, Naxxramas 10
[Ring of Holy Cleansing]59+38+29--36-Heigan the Unclean, Naxxramas 10
[Band of Neglected Pleas]59+38-3313--Anub'Rekhan, Naxxramas 10
[Loop of the Kirin Tor]59+34+36-11-- 8500Gold
[Band of Channeled Magic]65+4132---43 25 Spell holy proclaimchampion 02
[Lost Jewel]65+38+3742---Naxxramas 25 (several bosses)
[Ring of Decaying Beauty]66+40--1635-Sapphiron, Naxxramas 25
[Seized Beauty]66+43-3815--Naxxramas 25 (several bosses)
[Renewal of Life]66+41-2817-- 25 Spell holy proclaimchampion 02
[Wyrmrest Band]67+40--1632- Sartharion, Obsidian Sanctum 25
[Signet of Manifested Pain]74+49-46-36-Kel'Thuzad, Naxxramas 25

One handed weapons Edit

Item Spell power Int Spirit Mp5 Haste Crit IconSmall Priest IconSmall Druid IconSmall Shaman IconSmall Paladin Notes
[Melia's Magnificent Scepter]232+21-10--BlipBlipBlipBlipBoE world drop
[Hammer of Wrenching Change]279+25-8-14BlipBlipBlipBlipNeutral 15 [80] Tirion's Gambit
[Cudgel of Saronite Justice]281--1350-BlipBlipBlipBlip BoE crafted - 410 Blacksmithing
[Screw-Sprung Fixer-Upper]281+19-10-21BlipBlipBlipBlipNeutral 15 [77G5] The Champion of Anguish
[Frozen Scepter of Necromancy]292-+35---BlipBlipBlipBlipMoorabi, Gundrak
[Totemic Purification Rod]314+39--32-BlipBlipBlipBlipKalu'ak (Revered)- Sairuk
[Beguiling Scepter]314+29---30BlipBlipBlipBlipDark Runed Chest, Culling of Stratholme
[Jeweled Coronation Sword]314+29+23--30---BlipKing Ymiron, Utgarde Pinnacle
[The Blessed Hammer of Grace]343--9--BlipBlipBlipBlip 250 Inv misc platnumdisks
[Devout Aurastone Hammer]343+42-7--BlipBlipBlipBlip 50 Spell holy proclaimchampion
[Flameheart Spell Scalpel]355+33---25BlipBlipBlip-Kirin Tor (Revered) - Archmage Alvareaux
[Savage Gladiator's Gavel]355+28-11--BlipBlipBlipBlipPvP
[Cursed Lich Blade]355+32+24------BlipNovos the Summoner, Drak'Tharon Keep (H)
[Netherbreath Spellblade]355+32+26--34BlipBlipBlip-Skadi the Ruthless, Utgarde Pinnacle (H)
[Gavel of the Fleshcrafter]355+33-13--BlipBlipBlipBlipSalramm the Fleshcrafter, Culling of Stratholme (H)
[Grieving Spellblade]408+40--2737---BlipGrand Widow Faerlina, Naxxramas 10
[Infection Repulser]408+37-1140-BlipBlipBlipBlipGrobbulus, Naxxramas 10
[War Mace of Unrequited Love]408+49-19--BlipBlipBlipBlipKeristrasza, The Nexus (H)
[Titansteel Guardian]457----29BlipBlipBlipBlipBoE crafted - 440 Blacksmithing
[Wraith Strike]461+42--4331-BlipBlip-Maexxna, Naxxramas 25
[Life and Death]461+44--2942---BlipGothik the Harvester, Naxxramas 25
[Hammer of the Astral Plane]461+44--3142BlipBlipBlipBlipKel'Thuzad, Naxxramas 10
[Ice Spire Scepter]461+47+25-38-BlipBlipBlipBlipMalygos, Eye of Eternity 25
[The Impossible Dream]461+44+31--42BlipBlipBlipBlipLoatheb, Naxxramas 25
[Deadly Gladiator's Gavel]461+36-14--BlipBlipBlipBlip 3150 Pvp-arenapoints-icon-16x16
[Torch of Holy Fire]520+49-1548-BlipBlipBlipBlipKel'Thuzad, Naxxramas 25

Offhand Edit

Item Spell Power Int Spi Spell Crit Mp5 Haste Sockets Notes
[Prison Manifest]514234----BoE drop, The Violet Hold
[Frostbridge Orb]5033--17--BoE drop, The Oculus
[Handbook of Obscure Remedies]593638--25-25 Spell holy proclaimchampion
[Accursed Spine]65413243---Noth the Plaguebringer, Naxxramas (H)
[Matriarch's Spawn]664143--32-Maexxna, Naxxramas (H)

Wand Edit

Item Spell Power Int Spi Spell Crit Mp5 Haste Sockets Notes
[Brazier Igniter]261721----Svala Sorrowgrave , Utgarde Pinnacle
[Ancient Measuring Rod]262112----Loken , Halls of Lightning
[Wand of Sseratus]281824----Slad'ran , Gundrak (H)
[Wand of Ahnkahet]332027----Herald Volazj, Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom (H)
[Wand of the Archlich]372124--20-Kel'Thuzad, Naxxramas
[Plague Igniter]37212024---Grobbulus, Naxxramas (H)
[Fading Glow]3725--918-Loatheb, Naxxramas (H)

Trinket Edit

Item Spell Power Int Spi Spell Crit Mp5 Haste Sockets Notes
[Majestic Dragon Figurine]-------Sartharion, Obsidian Sanctum 10
[Spirit-World Glass]--84----Gothik the Harvester, Naxxramas 10
[The Egg of Mortal Essence]98------40 Spell holy proclaimchampion
[Embrace of the Spider]98------Maexxna, Naxxramas 10
[Je'Tze's Bell]106------World Drop
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