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The Woven Wand was created as a bond of friendship between Thule Ravenclaw, Bethor Iceshard and Gunther Arcanus, when they were apprentice magi in Dalaran. The bond was sundered when Ravenclaw sold his soul to the Lich King, while Bethor and Gunther were both struck down by the plague. Thule grew to despise the wand, but found that he could not part with it. So he took it with him, and placed it in a hidden niche within Fenris Keep in Silverpine Forest, where Ravenclaw made his lair. The wand was rediscovered after agents of the Horde attacked Fenris Keep and were led to the hidden alcove by the still-talking head of Alaric, Ravenclaw's former head servant. The wand was then delivered to Bethor, now an undead Forsaken, residing in the Undercity beneath the Ruins of Lordaeron.


This item is provided for the quest Horde 15 [18] Wand to Bethor.

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