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World of Warcraft: The Magazine is a collaboration between Blizzard and Future[1] (a magazine publisher). Blizzard showcased the publication at BlizzCon 2009.[2] The magazine only lasted 5 issues,[3] was often late, and was considered over-priced by many people. However, the content and presentation was considered high quality and the magazine did not have advertising.

Subscriber refund

Subscribers have been sent emails with redemption codes for a refund or a package of the six pets from the Blizzard pet store[3], or other offers depending upon subscription type.

  • You are apparently only allowed to get a reimbursement if you request it in writing by Sept. 30.[3]

Special offers

Depending on the subscription type, subscribers can choose a combination of special offers:

  • $60 USD value — 6 companions from the Blizzard pet store.[4]
  • $35 USD value — 2-year subscription to PC Gamer.[4]
  • $75 USD value — Exclusive Kwurky plush.[4]


  • Pre-orders received an exclusive green Kwurky murloc plush toy.[5]
  • A promotional booklet for the magazine was included in the BlizzCon 2009 goodie bag.
  • Current game subscribers could enroll in the magazine starting August 21 for a $40 one-year subscription or $70 two-year subscription in the US.[2]
    • US subscriptions were charged at the $39.95 USD rate for a one year subscription, and $69.95 USD for a two year subscription.[6]
    • Great Britain subscriptions were be charged at the £29.95 rate for a one year subscription and £52.50 for a two year subscription.[6]
    • European subscriptions were charged €34.95 for a one year subscription and €61.25 for a two year subscription.[6]
    • All subscriptions mailed within Europe were charged an additional €1.75 per issue for shipping and handling. All other subscriptions will be charged an additional $3.50 USD per issue for shipping and handling.[6]
  • The magazine's 148-page inaugural issue was "out in time for the fifth anniversary of World of Warcraft" of November 2009 in English, German, Spanish, and French.[2]
  • The upcoming publication was sold through the game's account management page, and the magazine's now-live Web site.[2]



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