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Words of the High Chief

The letter you receive.

Words of the High Chief is mailed to you from Kelek Skykeeper soon after completing the quest Neutral 15 [59] Words of the High Chief.


High Chief's Journal

Page 1

Attackers... from all sides.

Can see it in their eyes. Timbermaw are evil. Enemy.

Must protect tribe. Must protect Winterfall. Must drive intruders from our land.

Page 2

Snow, blinding...

Must protect tribe. Make them strong. Be strong.

Do not know...

Page 3


Make more. More firewater.

Firewater make Winterfall strong. Defeat our enemies.

Winterfall have no ally. Winterfall are strong. Have great power.

Page 4

More. Must have more...

Winterfall... not... weak...

Text of the mail message

It took much time to translate the High Chief's text. I was dismayed by what I found. High Chief Winterfall was in an extreme state of paranoia in his last days and was addicted to a substance he called "Firewater." He believed that all creatures were his enemies. Well, I will let you read it for yourself -- I have included a translation of his words with this letter. If you are ever in need, please visit me again.

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