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This article or section contains lore taken from the Warcraft manga or comics.
This page is about the Wolf Cult in Gilneas and Duskwood. For the the Wolfcult in Grizzly Hills, see Wolfcult.

The Wolf Cult is a secret cult in Gilneas, the cult worshipped the worgen. It was formed by Ralaar Fangfire the Alpha Prime in order to find the Scythe of Elune. Ralaar knew that he couldn't find the Scythe by himself. He recruited Archmage Arugal to spread the curse of the worgen among humans.

Alpha Prime later infiltrated Gilneas by using underground tunnels that were hidden beneath the Greymane Wall. The Cult allied with the forsaken who also had an interest in obtaining the Scythe. Gilneas was already distracted by political divisions, worgen of the Wolf Cult used that opportunity to attack Gilneas City and pave the way for the forsaken.

Forsaken discovered the whereabouts of the Scythe but their plans were spoiled by the adventurers. The Scythe was retaken by Belysra Starbreeze. Alpha Prime believed that Gilneas and the night elves don'thave the Scythe, he led his forces against Belysra in Tal'doren. To his surprise, Belysra unveiled the Scythe and tried to banish him back to the Emerald Dream. Before Belysra could complete the spell, she was interupted by a forsaken Dark ranger. Ralaar tried to attack Belysra, but wwas stopped by spirit of Arvell.

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