Not really by country or players for recent data, but more by characters, language, and region...

Recent character populations Edit

According to as of December 2018 (numbers are rounded down):

  • US realms (including Brazil, Latin America, and Oceanic): 24 million characters
    • United States (includes Canada?): 20.9 million characters
    • Brazil: 800 thousand characters
    • Latin America (includes Mexico and Central America?): just under 700 thousand characters
    • Oceanic realms (includes Australia and New Zealand): 1.6 million characters
  • EU realms (including Russia): 22 million characters
    • English realms: 10.6 million characters
    • French realms: 2.3 million characters
    • German realms: 5.4 million characters
    • Italian realms: 200 thousand characters
    • Russian realms: 2.7 million characters
    • Spanish realms: 900 thousand characters

NOTE: Although this is data for character counts, one can use a rough estimate of 5 characters per player, so total WoW population is probably somewhere just under 10 million players.

2011 Edit

List of countries with the highest population in WoW players (Rough Estimate as of 4th quarter 2011 according to and total number of players released by Blizzard):[citation needed]

1. China, Asian Realms: 3.2 million players

2. United States and Canada, North American Realms: 3.0 million players

3. United Kingdom, European Realms: 1.0 million players

4. South Korea, Asian Realms: 800,000 players

5. Germany, European Realms: 600,000 players

6. Taiwan, Asian Realms: 350,000 players

7. France, European Realms: 200,000 players

8. Russia, European Realms: 150,000 players

9. Australia, North American Realms: 120,000 players

10. Latin America, North American Realms: 100,000 players

11. Spain, European Realms: 80,000 players

12. Other, NA/EU/Asian Realms: 800,000 players

  • Some debate that China has the highest population in WoW users because of the amount of gold farmers that live in China.

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