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  1. Fandyllic (talkcontr) <temporary leader>
  2. Pcj (talkcontr) <active>
  3. WoWWiki-Purrdeta (talkcontr) semi-inactive; last contribution 3 April 2008
  4. WoWWiki-CyberSkull (talkcontr) inactive; last contribution 7 Jun 2007
  5. Tarog (talkcontr) semi-inactive; last contribution 24 September 2006
  6. C0ldfusi0n (talkcontr) inactive; last contribution 12 July 2006


This community team welcomes new members and makes sure they know what to do and where to go when they join - works closely with the Help Team.

Deciding Who to Welcome

It would be simple just to welcome every new user, but some of the new users are vandals or spam bots, so we want to be a little bit careful about screening who we welcome.

Basic criteria for who to welcome
  • More than one contribution with at least one significant contribution (a few lines of text).
    • More than just adding stat numbers, a few external links (sometimes these are self-serving to get traffic to their sites), or spelling and minor editing corrections.
    • Contributions to shared articles and not just player, guild or server pages.
  • No vandals or spammers.

Specific Tasks

Very easy.

  • Put either {{welcome}} or {{subst:signedwelcome|<your_username>}} on a new user's discussion page.
  • You may also put {{subst:welcome}} ''Again, welcome!''--~~~~ on the page if you feel it is easier.
    • You might want to take a quick scan of the known vandals list and their recent contributions to make sure you're not welcoming vandals.
  • Answer quick questions left on your discussion page or direct them to another community team.
  • Refer users to an admin for the really tough issues.
  • Optional: If you have time, help notify people who were welcomed by inactive WelComm members that WelComm is still around.

Don't hesitate to ask WelComm leader questions.


Tasks this team is working on:


  • Pinged those who want to join to make sure they're still interested. --Fandyllic
  • Current committee members haven't contributed recently, but have been pinged. --Fandyllic
  • Updated standard {{welcome}} template. --Fandyllic
  • Made new {{signedwelcome}} template so you can leave your user name. --Fandyllic
  • Got committee members to use the new templates. --Fandyllic
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