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Category helpers Edit

  • Use {{Server_US|<realm type>|<timezone>|<server>}} to easily categorize US servers. (timezone = Eastern, Central, Pacific, etc....) (server = article name minus Server:, helps alphabetize categories)
  • Use {{Server_EU|<realm type>|<language>|<server>}} to easily categorize EU servers. (language = English, French, German, etc....) (server = article name minus Server:, helps alphabetize categories)
  • Use {{Guild|<name>|<realm>|<loc>|<type>}} to easily categorize guilds.
  • Use {{correct2category|<article type>|<good-category>}} at the top of category pages that shouldn't be used to tell people what category they should be using.
  • Use {{bigcat}} at the bottom of very large (nearly or over 200 articles) categories:
  • Note that {{catredirect|destination category}} is no longer required as of the MediaWiki 1.7 upgrade. You can now use regular #redirect [[:Category:destination category]] redirects. Old/deprecated categories should never be redirected per the category policy.

Clear below break before starting Edit

  • You can use {{clear}} instead of the HTML tag that clears space below things like images, pictures and tables, so stuff doesn't begin until the bottom of the image, picture or table box.
  • You can also use {{clear|<left>}} or {{clear|<right>}} to clear only left or right floats

Columns Edit

To easily put content in columns, use {{col-begin}}, {{col-2}}/{{col-3}}/{{col-4}}/{{col-5}}/{{col-6}}/{{col-7}}, and {{col-end}}.

For example
First column

First column



Disambiguation Edit

  • Use {{disambig}}, if a page has a chance of being confused with a page of a similar name but different content, a disambiguation page may be in order. See that page for more info on creating one and linking to it.
  • However, sometimes a disabiguation page is not appropriate, but a short note at the top may still be necessary. {{for}} can be useful for this situation.
{{for|the original 40-man raid introduced in [[Patch 1.11]]|Naxxramas (original)}}
For the original 40-man raid introduced in Patch 1.11, see Naxxramas (original).

Example, Example/Begin, Example/End Edit

{{Example|<small text>}} can be used for very small examples, but often you will want to pull in substantial pieces of other pages or templates, in which case you can use {{Example/Begin}} LOTS of text, probably multiline {{Example/End}}:

LOTS of text, probably multiline

External links Edit

Other FANDOM/Wikia

The following are optional: icon=, type=, desc=, bydate=

  • {{Elink|<icon=icon_abbr>|<site=site_name>|<link=>|<desc=>|<bydate=>}}
  • {{Elink|<type=site_type>|<link=>|<desc=>|<bydate=>}}

Leaving out ID will do a search (leaving out name or title will search on or use page name). All parameters are technically optional.


Non-inline versions:

Icons Edit

Fixed-size, small, inline icons
Line preceding icons

Note that all these icons appear to the left of the text left edge. Use them only in indented sections (e.g. after a ":").

Icon-information-22x22 ← {{icon-information}}
Icon-warning-22x22 ← {{icon-exclamation}}
Icon-lightbulb ← {{icon-lightbulb}}
Icon-shortcut ← {{icon-shortcut}}

Line spacing Edit

  • {{spc}} adds a moderate space between two paragraphs, or between items in a bullet list. The spacing is about 75% of a regular line height.

Key-presses Edit

The {{keypress}} template gives a nice 3D-looking keyboard key example.


{{keypress|A}} produces A

To illustrate keystroke combinations, just use extra parameters:

{{keypress|Alt|P}} produces Alt+P
{{keypress|Ctrl|Alt|Del}} produces Ctrl+Alt+Del

Other examples:

{{keypress|Shift}} produces ⇧ Shift
{{keypress|Enter}} produces ↵ Enter
{{keypress|Cmd}} produces ⌘ Cmd
{{keypress|Opt}} produces ⌥ Opt
{{keypress|Tab}} produces Tab ⇆
{{keypress|Backspace}} produces ← Backspace
{{keypress|Up}} produces
{{keypress|Down}} produces
{{keypress|Left}} produces
{{keypress|Right}} produces

Mobile-friendly Edit

  • {{Flexbox}} / {{Flexbox|end}} (before and after) around content as a mobile-friendly box (no visible borders) to allow content to flow depending on window size.

Page actions Edit

  • {{edit|<pagename>}} can be used to create a link for editing a page, e.g. {{edit|WoWWiki:Templates}} creates [edit].

Smileys Edit

Tables of Contents Edit

Though discouraged (see WoWWiki:Manual of Style), you can float the table of contents of a page to the right with {{tocright}}.

Tabs Edit

These template were mostly for the monobook-like skin, so may not be useful now.
Old tab templates

If you want to make a nice looking tab to clearly indicate what to click, like discussion, you can use the following:

Template links Edit

Make example template code for templates with a link to them:

  • Wikitext: Simple template (i.e. {{t|template}})
  • Output: Simple template (i.e. {{template}})

Make example template code for templates (un-italicized parameters) with a link to them:

  • Wikitext: Simple template with 1 parameter (i.e. <code>{{t2|template|param1}}</code>)
  • Output: Simple template with 1 parameter (i.e. {{template|param1}})

See also Edit

Add references to other articles using {{seealso}}. For example, to add two references to a page, use {{seealso|Health regeneration|Mana regeneration}}:

See also: Health regenerationMana regeneration

For consistency, it's recommended that you add a section at the bottom titled "See also"

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