Project scope

The purpose of this project is to clear the confusion about pronouncing the people, places, and items in the World of Warcraft. It is also about defining the languages of origin that the creators of WOW used when creating the Lore. The basic idea is to at least get a Pronunciation key in each article about a Proper Place, or Key Person in the World of Warcraft.

Project membership

Anyone who has a good idea how something should be pronounced is going to be a big help (eg. someone who has heard the word from Blizzard. Either from the staff or from one of their trailers). Even better would be a Linguistics or English major.

Active project tasks

Defining the languages of origin currently used in the World of Warcraft. (example: Kael'thas is most probably based on the Hebrew language.)

Listing Common mis-pronunciations. (example: Tauren Mill, A-thar-ri Basin, Nigel's Point, Gad-get-zan, etc.)


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