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Icon-popular We like to feature certain articles and images on the main page to show off what we believe to be some of the best content on WoWWiki.

Before being listed here, nominated articles are reviewed for accuracy, neutrality, completeness, and style on the talk page.

Articles Edit

Random rotation: WoWWiki:Featured article/Articles

Eligibility Edit

Any main namespace articles are eligible to be featured on the wiki. This means no fan fiction can be presented as a featured article.

The important points we look at are:

  • How interesting is the article?
  • Does it fully cover the topic, and is it of reasonable length?
  • Is the article easy to read, and is the information sensibly presented?
  • Are the links all working, and preferably internal?
  • Does it try to keep a neutral point of view, and is the information sourced where possible?

Nominations Edit

To nominate an article to be a featured article, or to comment on the current nominations, please visit WoWWiki talk:Featured article/Articles!

Images and video Edit

Random rotation: WoWWiki:Featured article/Media

Eligibility Edit

Any high quality Warcraft-related image or video may be featured on the wiki.

Nominations Edit

If you find a particularly cool image or video, nominate it on WoWWiki talk:Featured article/Media!

Critters Edit

Random rotation: WoWWiki:Featured article/Critters

Eligibility Edit

Any Warcraft-related model may be featured on the wiki.

Nominations Edit

Make suggestions for "critter" pictures on WoWWiki talk:Featured article/Critters!

Polls Edit

Though not strictly featured, WoWWiki runs polls on the front page.

You can find the current active polls on WoWWiki:Polls and make suggestions on WoWWiki talk:Polls.

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