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Welcome to the WoWWiki FAQ! Hopefully this should answer some of the simpler questions about the site (that aren't covered on WoWWiki:About) — if this page does not help, you are welcome to ask on the Village pump!

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World of Warcraft

Questionmark Where do I get the game?
- Buy it from your nearest friendly games dealer, or from any online software / games store. WoWWiki is a site about the game, we're not affiliated with Blizzard Entertainment, the creators of WoW.
Questionmark Where do I get AddOns?
- See UI FAQ/AddOns.

Contributing to WoWWiki

Questionmark How can I contribute to WoWWiki?
- All users are encouraged to contribute to the constant improvement of WoWWiki's content. All you need to do is create an account. See How to edit a page to get started, and please visit our policy and guideline pages for standards that have been developed by the WoWWiki community.

Dealing with vandalism on WoWWiki

Questionmark Is there any policy on what happens to users who vandalize this site (remove content for no good reason, put expletives, etc.)?
- We have an article where vandalism can be reported - WoWWiki:Violations. Wiki contributors add suspected vandals to it. The admins of this site monitor the list and revert vandalism as needed. Many wiki contributors also help clean vandalism from high-traffic pages before an admin shows up to do mass reverting.
Questionmark So, what can't be posted? What's vandalism?
- In addition to the obvious spray painting, WoWWiki has a Do-Not-Post list. And even though a wiki is fairly free in its content, there are a few policies on how we want our pages to look; start at WoWWiki:Policies to learn more.


Questionmark Is there chat or IM mechanism for discussing stuff about the Wiki?
- Some skins (currently Monaco-based ones; see your user preferences) support Wikia widgets (see Special:WidgetDashboard or MORE→Manage widgets by your "Log out" link). One of these widgets is called "Shout Box" which allows messaging between users who also have that widget enabled.


Questionmark Are there any forums somewhere for discussing stuff about the Wiki?
- No forums... but wikis can be used as discussion forums just fine. Here, we talk about the wiki in general in the Village pump! and each article has a discussion page (tap on top of the page). To talk about the game itself, we recommend using the World of Warcraft forums (US, EU) on the official site.

Use of images for abilities, spells, etc.

Questionmark What's the wiki policy on linking to images (or storing images) for spells, abilities, etc., being as they may be copyrighted? Is that an issue, or has Blizzard given permission to fansites to use their images?
- Blizzard allows all Blizzard graphics to be used for non-commercial purposes, such as fansites. See Category:WoW Icons for a list of icons stored locally on the wiki!

Making money appear

Questionmark How do I make a money amount appear?
- Use {{Cost|g=1|s=2|c=3}} for gold, silver and copper. e.g. 1Gold 2Silver 3Copper For other examples, see the WoWWiki Templates List.

Wiki Templates

Questionmark What's a Wiki template?
- A Wiki Template is a special page which can be included into other Wiki pages. The idea is that you only have to write the information once, but can reuse it in many places. They're also very useful for adding small images like {{Alliance Icon Small}}Alliance 15 and {{Horde Icon Small}}Horde 15. See Help:Template for help on using them.
Questionmark What Wiki templates are used on this site?
- An index is maintained manually at WoWWiki:Templates. Please add new templates you create to this index. You can also navigate Category:Templates.

Recent Changes

Questionmark I am looking for the latest news or information about WoW or this Wiki.
- The recent changes page shows you a view of the latest edits on this Wiki. If you are looking for information about WoW updates, new or corrected information, you can go to the article concerning the topic you're interested in. You can also always check the World of Warcraft main community site (US, EU).

Finding Articles

Questionmark Help! The search doesn't work! How can I find pages? Is there an Index?
- Yes, you can access the index at Special:Allpages. You can also use the default internal wiki search. You can also go to Special:Allpages/X where X is the first word in your search. Example: Special:Allpages/Thunder, if you're looking for, say Thunderfury, but you're not certain if it's under that or Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker. You may also type the article title into your browser at the end of the WoWWiki URL.

Copyright (or lack thereof)

Questionmark Is all the text free? I.e., can we pinch it and stick it in Wikipedia?
- Everything in WoWWiki is free as in "free beer", according to its license, the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported. In short, you can do pretty much anything with it, except make it "un-free" so long as you reference WoWWiki (and Blizzard!) and license it under similar terms to the CC-BY-SA.

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