WoWWiki is always in need of WoWWiki, World of Warcraft, and Warcraft Universe experts. This page explains expert criteria and lists roles currently needed. Please look below to see how you can help.

Perks Edit

One of the only perks that can currently be offered is a special title on your user profile. The title will usually be the basic "topic expert", but you can make up your own, if it gets the point across.

WoWWiki Expert badge
  • Get a special title on your profile (on your user page).
  • Get the "Expert" badge (→) somewhere on your user and user talk pages.
  • Become a member of the Patrollers user rights group so you can mark pages patrolled in Special:NewPages and Special:RecentChanges.
  • We'll think of some other cool things... Winky

General criteria Edit

The signup for each topic will be on its talk page. Please review the approval and change process to see how experts are chosen.

  • Knows their topic well and can defend their positions with logical arguments and good sources.
  • How to edit with Wikicode/Wikitext.
  • How to use boilerplates.
  • Conscientious about adding citations, credit, references, sources, etc.
  • Picks the appropriate license template when uploading files.
  • Can keep a cool head and has some idea of how to settle disputes without anger.

Approved experts will appear on the WoWWiki:Experts page.

Experts needed Edit

Experts are needed in the following areas.

  • The following indicates an expert is already in residence: [ • ] Topic. Note that there can be more than once expert in a subject.

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