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Thanks for your interest in joining our team! Unfortunately, we are not accepting new members at the moment. If you strongly feel that you would make a good Bookkeeper, and you fit the criteria below, you can leave a message so that the Head Bookkeeper and the Bookkeeper Majordomo can evaluate you when we are again open.

PLEASE READ AND CLOSELY CONSIDER THE ADMISSIONS CRITERIA BELOW. The team leadership does not like evaluating applications that are in clear violation of these criteria. Yes, you must read all of these.

If you would like to apply for membership, click 'open a new application' sign below, put your name in the subject line, and write a short comment about why would like to join and why you think you would be a helpful member! Make sure to sign your post at the end so the team leader can find you. The team leader will evaluate you, and leave a message on your talk page with more info.

The following criteria are required for Bookkeeper membership:

  1. Applicant must have significant contributions to WoWWiki. In terms of numbers, this usually means around 100 edits. Contributions must demonstrate quality and NPOV. This point is non-negotiable.
  2. Applicant must demonstrate understanding of the mechanics of wiki posting and editing. Negotiable, if edits are quality.
  3. Applicant must demonstrate familiarity with Warcraft lore through actual reading of novels or playing of pre-WoW games. If your only Lore experience is through WoW, do not apply. Non-negotiable.
  4. Applicant must demonstrate and use the conventions of Standard Written English (SWE). Allowance for minor deviations and language barriers are, of course, not an issue.
  5. Applicant should have interpretations of history, but not allow biases to show in ANY of their work. In other words, we don't care what you think of the new choices for races- Your opinion is your own, and please keep it that way. Non-negotiable.
  6. Applicant should not have any major altercations with other WoWWikians, and should not be applying to solve those altercations. Negotiable.
  7. Applicant's name should not appear on the Vandals list, regardless of context. Non-negotiable
  8. Applicant is to NEVER refer to the remains of Draenor in the plural. Non-negotiable.
  9. Applicant's username must have a certain level of maturity, including no expletives, swear words, and innuendoes. It is helpful that the username is not something that looks silly or inspires sniggering. Non-negotiable.
  10. It is preferable that the Applicant's favorite character NOT be Illidan Stormrage or Arthas Menethil. The Head Bookkeeper has noted certain POV issues with certain fans of these characters. Yes, one person can ruin it for everyone. This point, of course, is heavily negotiable.
  11. The applicant must NEVER use the word "lorelol" as a viable term. Non-negotiable.

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Former and closed applications: WoWWiki:Bookkeepers/Join/Archive
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