The Witchwing are a group of black-plumaged harpies found residing around the Dry Hills in the northern area of the Barrens. They have been ravaging the Horde's caravan supplies.[1]

The lieutenants of their group, the Witchwing Slayers, are a nasty bunch, but they lead some of the underlings in that area. They stand out from the rest by wearing some rings.[2]

Their leader is the sister of a harpy named Bloodfeather, who was slain by Rexxar quite a while ago. Apparently, their attacks on the Horde caravans are revenge for her sister's death.[3]

Some of them carry Blood Shards.

Known members

Neutral 15IconSmall Harpy Serena Bloodfeather Leader Killable Dry Hills, Barrens
Neutral 15IconSmall Harpy Rathtalon Sister Killable Dry Hills, Barrens



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