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The witches[1] of Drustvar are humans who had their bodies contorted by the druidic drust death magic they wield.[2] When a witch grows powerful enough, they slit their own throats to ascend.[3]


Witchcraft has long been in the superstitions of the people of Drustvar, but it is only recently that some of those superstitions have become reality. In Drustvar folklore, there are several beliefs about witches. The townsfolk have several ways to identify a woman as a witch. Some believe that a witch's stomach is full of dark spirits and that they thus can never get sick and puke. Others believe that witches are immune to fire, that they never cry, or that blood flies don't bite witches because their blood is vile. Some say that a witch always floats, they never sink in water, even when tied to heavy objects.[4]

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Witches possess a wide range of abilities that make them dangerous, such as the ability to disguise themselves as normal humans.[5][6] They can also control or corrupt harvest resources such as grain, or the local wild life and livestock,[7] or even humans. Those that are fully corrupted, usually recognizable by their blue-ish glow, cannot be freed by any means aside from death.[8] They can use the spirits of the deceased to power wickermen,[9] or create effigies that can turn humans into pigs[10] or freeze subjects into place.[11]

Notes & triviaEdit

  • Witches use cursed arakkoa animations.


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