There are two sets of weekly quests in Wintergrasp. They are obtained from quest NPCs in Wintergrasp Keep for the defending faction; the attacking faction's quest NPCs are at the site of the incoming portal from Dalaran. When a battle for control of Wintergrasp Keep begins, the quest NPCs despawn.

The quests can be completed over multiple battles for control of Wintergrasp Keep. They can be completed while part of a raid group. As of patch 3.1.2 All Lake Wintergrasp daily quests have been changed to a weekly format.

Weekly PvP quests


If you are attacking Wintergrasp Keep, the quest Defend the Siege is available to you; if you are defending the keep, Stop the Siege is available to you. The quest objectives are the same, and can be fulfilled if you are attacking or defending.

Rotating Weekly PvP quests

Only one of these quests is available per week; even though they come from different quest NPCs, you cannot have more than one of these quests at a time. The quests can be completed while a member of a raid group, and all members of the raid can loot the quest item off of a single body.

Killing and looting dead enemy players in the specified regions will yield five of the quest item; the different elementals will always drop one of the item. If you control Wintergrasp Keep, the elemental Revenants will drop two of the quest item instead.

Kill enemy players or Living Lashers in The Steppes of Life for Inv misc bag soulbag.png [Horde Herb Pouch] or Inv misc bag herbpouch.png [Alliance Herb Pouch]:

Kill enemy players, Wandering Shadows or Shadow Revenants in the Forest of Shadows for Inv misc bone 07.png [Quiver of Dragonbone Arrows]:

Kill enemy players, Raging Flames or Flame Revenants in the Cauldron of Flames for Inv misc orb 05.png [Eternal Ember]:

Kill enemy players, Glacial Spirits or Water Revenants at the Glacial Falls for Inv chest plate05.png [Enchanted Alliance Breastplate] or Inv chest plate05.png [Imbued Horde Armor]. If the Horde controls Wintergrasp Keep, the quest Warding the Walls is available to Horde players; if not, Jinxing the Walls is available. The quest objectives are the same:

Patch changes

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