King Mrgl-Mrgl

The Winterfin tribe of murlocs are led by King Mrgl-Mrgl (who is a night elf in disguise). This tribe is friendly to both factions and sells some items once you have completed several quests. After completing Learning to Communicate, King Mrgl-Mrgl will create a spell that enables you to speak the murloc dialect of the Winterfin tribe. Their primary base is at Winterfin Retreat.

The Winterfins value clams above all other objects, and those are used as currency in their society.

Unfortunately for the tribe, an evil makrura named Claximus has been terrorizing them and has stolen their children. Many of the adult murlocs who went after Claximus in the Winterfin Caverns succumbed to magical emanations from Coldarra; this has affected their minds and allowed Claximus to enslave them.

Captured Winterfin Tadpoles

Known members


  • The first friendly tribe of murlocs in the game.
  • The previous leader is unknown, but was most likely killed or under the influence of Claximus.

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