The Winterfang tribe is an ice troll tribe that also lives in Northrend alongside the Drakkari. Winterfangs are smaller than Drakkari trolls, more akin to jungle trolls in size and stature.

Kril, a member of the Winterfang tribe, hates and envies the Drakkari because of their power. He schemed against Malakk and the Drakkari. His chieftain, Shakor, discovered his plans and was infuriated, for Kril’s actions could have brought the wrath of the Drakkari on the Winterfangs. Shakor could have killed Kril, but the two are cousins, so Shakor instead demanded an apology. Kril did apologize, though with poor grace. After which Kril absented himself, becoming Kril'fon (he claimed to have discovered some ancestral language codices that state the suffix “fon” means “loner”: someone who has deliberately absented himself from troll society and its obligations and is little better than a pariah). Many among the Winterfangs feel Shakor was too lenient, and would rather see Kril’fon dead than risk him angering the Drakkari.[1]

References Edit

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