Willix the Importer is a friendly level 27 quest giver found in Razorfen Kraul.

Willix is an entrepreneurial goblin who was captured by the quilboar while he was searching for Redleaf Tuber for Mebok Mizzyrix.

He starts the quest Neutral 15 [30D] Willix the Importer.

See Razorfen Kraul NPCs.


Up there is where Charlga Razorflank resides. Blasted old crone.
There's blueleaf tuber in this trench! It's like gold waiting to be mined I tell you!
There could be danger around every corner here.
I don't see how these foul animals live in this place... sheesh it smells!
<Mob> heading this way fast! To arms!
I think I see a way for us to get out of this big twisted mess of a bramble.
Glad to be out of that wretched trench. Not much nicer up here though!
Finally! I'll be glad to get out of this place.
I think I'll rest a moment and catch my breath before heading back to Ratchet. Thanks for all the help!

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