Wild Overlook

Wild Overlook


The final phase of the Overlook.

The Wild Overlook[34.5, 66.9]
is a subzone of the Lost Isles, an area only new goblin players can access. This area is mostly made up of large trees and some roaming Jungle Cats. After assisting Thrall aboard the Vengeance Wake, the area shifts phases and it appears that all the NPCs upon the small island are brought here.

During this final phase, all the class trainers and vendors are usable. The innkeeper, Grimy Greasefingers, is not, though he retains his title from Shipwreck Shore. Gobber still functions as a banker and can be found away from the line, under a makeshift platform supported by two trees, upon which rests the warrior trainer, Warrior-Matic NX-01.

Trade Prince Gallywix will make an impromptu appearance after players accept the Up, Up & Away! quest, rage a little, then be the first to ride the rocket to the larger island.


Phase one


Phase two

Quest givers
  • Horde 15 IconSmall Hobgoblin Gobber (serves as banker)

All phases



  • Of all the gathered NPCs, the warlock trainer Evol Fingers seems to have at least some sense, as revealed by his dialogue -
Evol Fingers says: Time is money, friend!
Evol Fingers says: What's the hold up?
Evol Fingers says: I swear this line's not moving!
Evol Fingers says: I knew I should have brought my folding chair.
Evol Fingers says: Is that a volcano over on that other island?
Evol Fingers says: Why are we rocketing over to an island that has a volcano? Didn't we barely survive this scenario on Kezan?
Evol Fingers says: That rocket looks unsafe even by our standards!
Evol Fingers says: By the looks of that thing, I might take my chances swimming with the sharks!

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