The Wild Leather set is a collection of leather items. They are not considered to be a true set and there are no bonuses gained if you wear multiple items in this set.

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Made by
Primary Materials Required
Primary Stats
  • All leather wearing classes from level 39
Wild Leather Items
Item Slot Min Lvl Recipe Min Skill
[Wild Leather Shoulders] Shoulder 39 Trainer 220
[Wild Leather Helmet] Head 40 Trainer 225
[Wild Leather Vest] Chest 40 Vendor 225
[Wild Leather Boots] Feet 44 Trainer 245
[Wild Leather Cloak] Back 45 Trainer 250
[Wild Leather Leggings] Legs 45 Trainer 250
Wild Leather Total Stats
Armor Agility Intellect Spirit Stamina Strength Other Effects
549 ? ? ? ? ? None

The stat bonuses depend on the random enchantments of the armor pieces.

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