Wights are an unusual species of undead used occasionally by the Scourge. In some cases, Wraiths, will keep extraordinary enemies alive, preferring to turn them into wights and spread the plague to other "capable" individuals.[1] (MoM 150) They most closely resemble a zombie, but their bodies have grown to monstrous sizes and are horridly deformed. It is unknown how this transformation occurred.

They are mostly employed in places of importance: Magistrate Barthilas protects the key to the city of Stratholme, while two other wights act as the bodyguards of the flesh titan Thaddius. In addition, The Ravenian is one of the six bosses that must be defeated to summon Darkmaster Gandling in The Scholomance.

With their flat heads, and bolts implanted in their neck, they have a very similar design to Frankenstein's Monster. However, they are frequently quite intelligent, and seem to retain the mind that they had in life. It should be noted that, despite film portrayal, the monster of the novel frequently outwitted Frankenstein and spoke well - so their cumbersome and beast-like movement combined with human wit is not only to make a vaguely amusing contrast but also makes them all the more like the Monster.

These creatures are called "wights" in two places. The in-game model for the creature is called a wight, and they are also referred to as wights in an article about the Thaddius fight that discusses two named bosses in the encounter.

"As your group falls into disarray and scatters, caught unaware and slaughtered one by one by the two gruesome wights that descended from platforms higher up in the room, you wonder to yourself what kind of twisted nightmare spawned this monster."

As with the Voidwalker, Shade and the Fire Elemental, Wights have the same attack animations, run animation, model layout, etc. as that of a Bog Beast.

Types of Wights

  • Barrow Wight

This undead is a direct result of the Scourge, a variation of undead previously unknown on Kalimdor.[1] (MoM 199)

Notable Wights

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