Westwind Rest is an Alliance outpost located in Kun-Lai Summit, north from the Gate of the August Celestials.

Westwind's Horde counterpart is Horde 15 Eastwind Rest



Westwind Rest (initial)

Westwind Rest was a pandaren village that has been put to the torch by the invading Bataari tribe yaungol. At the request of Admiral Taylor, Alliance Champions sent to help Farmhand Bo and Elder Tsulan to deal with the Yaungols. After killing the Yaungol Champion, Ur-Bataar in Alliance 15 [87] Challenge Accepted the pandarens of Westwind have chosen to Ally with the Alliance, converted the village into an Alliance outpost


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  • Westwind Rest
  • Westwind Rest before the Alliance 15 [87] Challange Accepted Quest
  • Alliance Trainees
  • Sully "The Pickle" McLeary, Admiral Taylor, Elder Tsulan and an Alliance Trainee near the campfire
  • Alliance tents with a unique model


Westwind Rest cutscene after the completion of Alliance 15 [87] Challenge Accepted quest
World of Warcraft Cutscene Westwind Rest

World of Warcraft Cutscene Westwind Rest

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