This is a Warrior class-specific quest chain. While the final result is a useful level-appropriate weapon, the real prize comes early on in the form of learning Defensive Stance and a few related skills.

There is a similar quest chain for the dwarves, Grey Iron Weapons quest chain.

Grey Iron Weapons

Sentinel Elissa Starbreeze, in Auberdine (in Darkshore) asks you to go to Elanaria in Darnassus to gain further training.

You travel to Darnassus. When you talk to Elanaria, you find she wants to test your resolve before she is willing to teach you. For proof, she sets you against Vorlus Vilehoof, a satyr who is defiling a hidden moonwell in Teldrassil.

You travel east of the Ban'ethil Barrow Den and discover the hidden path leading to the moonwell. You defeat Vorlus and return to Elanaria with his horn.

Elanaria is impressed, and fulfills her promise teaching you a number of useful warrior techniques.

Having taught you something about defensive maneuvers, Elanaria feels it is time to get you a new weapon.

In Darkshore, a ship carrying crates of Elunite Ore crashed upon the rocks near the Auberdine lighthouse. The ship is still guarded, though, by the Shade of Elura, once the ship's captain. Elanaria tasks you with gathering some of the ore crates, and defeating the self-cursed captain, returning with her medallion.

Not very far off the docks of Auberdine, you find the wreck you were directed to, and with it the ore, and the spirit. You lay Elura to rest, gather the ore, and return.

Elanaria is not herself a smith, so she directs you to take the ore to Mathiel, a nearby blacksmith.

Mathiel is happy to work with ore blessed by Elune herself, and crafts a set of weapons from the ore. You are invited to whichever one you most desire.


From completing Vejrek, you are taught

From completing Grey Iron Weapons you may choose one of:

Inv axe 04
Inv hammer 20
Inv sword 04
Inv weapon shortblade 05


  1. Alliance 15 [10] Elanaria
  2. Alliance 15 [10] Vorlus Vilehoof
  3. Alliance 15 [10] The Shade of Elura
  4. Alliance 15 [10] Smith Mathiel
  5. Alliance 15 [10] Weapons of Elunite
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