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The Watchers were the jailers and marshals of night elf society until shortly after the Third War.[1]

They guarded the barrow-prisons of the night elves. Though their members came from a number of backgrounds, their original members came from the Sisterhood of Elune.[1]


The leaders of the kaldorei realized the dire potential Illidan could wield, especially after he had remade the Well of Eternity on Mount Hyjal, which had previously destroyed nearly everything they had accomplished, and wished to ensure that he would not escape ever again.

To this end, Malfurion Stormrage requested that Maiev Shadowsong form the Watchers, an elite group of guardians dedicated to guarding Illidan and other imprisoned criminals. Initially, this group was picked from among the Sisters of Elune. There were also some wildkin aiding the night elven guards. Maiev was named warden (a rank to which a select few others were promoted, but she herself selected some to share the title) and would answer only to the official head of government.[1]

In the prison of the Barrow Deeps, the keeper of the grove, Califax, personally guarded Illidan's cell.[2]

There were also some other dungeons containing dangerous creatures imprisoned in the Deeps.

The Watchers were never a large group, and almost all of them were slain in their quest to recapture Illidan after his release.

Wardens were reformed after Maiev Shadowsong returned from her captivity in Outland; however, since her betrayal in the events of Wolfheart, the order underwent a purge and was placed under the leadership of commander Jarod Shadowsong.

Known members

Alliance 15IconSmall NightElf Male Jarod Shadowsong Leader Alive Icon Cataclysm 18x18 Molten Front
Neutral 15IconSmall Maiev Maiev Shadowsong Former Leader Alive, missing Bc icon Warden's Cage, Shadowmoon Valley; Icon Legion 18x18 Vault of the Wardens, Azsuna
Neutral 15IconSmall NightElf Female Naisha Lieutenant of Maiev Deceased WC3FT logo 16x28 Tomb of Sargeras
Neutral 15IconSmall Cenarian Male Califax Deceased WC3RoC logo 16x32 Barrow Deeps
Neutral 15IconSmall NightElf Female Anyndra Second-in-command to Maiev Deceased WoW-novel-logo-16x62 Hand of Gul'dan
Neutral 15IconSmall NightElf Male Sarius Deceased WoW-novel-logo-16x62 Hand of Gul'dan


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