Wastewalker Armor is a leather Dungeon Set 3 armor set, but is not designed for a specific class. It seems suitable to rogues and feral specialized druids.


Piece Dropped by Found in
[Wastewalker Tunic] Keli'dan the Breaker Blood Furnace in Heroic Mode
[Wastewalker Gloves] Kargath Bladefist Shattered Halls
[Wastewalker Helm] Epoch Hunter Escape from Durnholde Keep in Heroic Mode
[Wastewalker Leggings] Nexus-Prince Shaffar Mana-Tombs in Heroic Mode
[Wastewalker Shoulderpads] Exarch Maladaar Auchenai Crypts in Heroic Mode


Tauren male - Wastewalker Raiment - Dungeon Set 3


Wastewalker Armor
Inv helmet 15
Inv gauntlets 25
Inv pants mail 04
Inv chest chain 17
Inv shoulder 15


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