Warug is a level 44 quest giver located in Magram Village in the contested territory of Desolace. He is a leader of the Magram centaur, and acts as the public relations representative for the clan in dealing with Horde or Alliance aid against their enemy clans. He is fairly simple minded, concentrated primarily in his tribe's quest for superiority among centaur, but also has a soft spot for gadgets and gizmos, his favorite being the Target Dummies crafted by engineers.

He is located near the base of the mountain range closest to the Magram settlement to the east, coordinates (74,68).

He starts the following quests:

Quotes Edit

  • "The Kolkar think they are strong, but we laugh at them! We laugh and we kill them!"
  • "The Gelkis think our centaur mother, Theradras, protects us. They are stupid. No one protects the centaur. The Magram do not need protection! We are the strongest!"
  • "Long ago, a little gnome came to Desolace. He had horses and a cart, and the cart held strange things. Funny things. Things that burned different colors. Things that moved and weren't alive. I killed the little gnome, but before that... he made me laugh."

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