Dark Pact/Mana Feed is an Evolution of SM/Sacrifice.

With the release of 3.0.2 this talent tree has been severely hit with the nerf-stick. Primarily because Shadow Embrace was a debuff applied with dots, now it is now applied with Haunt and Shadowbolt. This has a negative effect on Life Drain. However, it is still a viable tree and, with lv80 around the corner the extra 10 points give back some of the lost power with the added inclusion of Unstable Affliction (the 4th missing affliction debuff).

It's primary purpose is a combination of solo questing/farming/grinding and Crowd control in instances.

For soloing it includes instant cast DoTs/DD as you will be Drain-tanking the critters your self whilst draining the life force out of them using their life force to keep you alive.

For instancing it includes Improved Succubus and Improved Enslave Demon for Crowd control; Dark Pact to recover mana from your pet; Mana Feed to give your Succubus more mana during a long fight.

Build Details

Shadow Mastery and Demonic Sacrifice compliment each other giving a combination for 20% extra shadow damage.

As you will be Drain-tanking, without a pet as you will have sacrificed Succubus for the extra shadow damage buff, you will want a lot of stamina and health, this is as important as shadow damage - Demon STA/Health talents are taken to help.

At level 70 you will want 8,000 HP with over 600 +shadow damage. Drain Life should be about 320 DPS with 3 affliction debuffs on the mob.

It is lower DPS than spamming Shadow Bolt, but this way you keep your mana and health recharged. Assuming you have 8kHP you can regenerate your health from 60% to 100% with two Life Drains.

You'll want to have Fel Armor up at all times, for an extra +130dmg.

Talent Break down

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