WoW Figures

The SOTA figures.

Since Warcraft II there have been a number of Warcraft action figures produced by various parties.

Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard produced a series of figures in-house.

Warcraft Series 1

Human Footman

Orc Grunt

Warcraft III Series 1

Malfurion Stormrage

Muradin Bronzebeard



Warcraft III Series 1

Prince Arthas


Shandris Feathermoon

Warcraft III Series 2

Dwarven Rifleman


Grom Hellscream

State of the Art (SOTA)

World of Warcraft Series 1

Tauren Shaman

Undead Warlock

Jungle Troll Voodoo Priest

DC Unlimited

Series 1


Meryl Felstorm - Undead Warlock

Reghar Earthfury - Orc Shaman

Thargas Anvilmar - Dwarf Warrior

Valeera Sanguinar - Blood Elf Rogue

Deluxe: Illidan Stormrage - Night Elf Demon Hunter

Series 2


Archilon Shadowheart - Human Warrior

Broll Bearmantle - Night Elf Druid

Sprocket Gyrospring - Gnome Warrior

Zabra Hexx - Troll Priest

Deluxe: Vindicator Maraad - Draenei Paladin

Series 3


Quin’thalan Sunfire - Blood Elf Paladin

Sister Benedron - Human Priest

Skeeve Sorrowblade - Undead Rogue

Tamuura - Draenei Mage

Deluxe: None Yet

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