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Since Warcraft II, there have been a number of Warcraft action figures produced by various parties.

Blizzard Entertainment Edit

Blizzard produced a series of figures in-house.

Warcraft Series 1:

Warcraft III Series 1:

Toycom Edit

Warcraft III Series 1:

Warcraft III Series 2:

State of the Art (SOTA) Edit

World of Warcraft Series 1:

DC Unlimited: World of Warcraft Edit

Series 1 Edit

Series 2 Edit

Series 3 Edit

Series 4Edit

Premium Series 1Edit

Series 5Edit

Blizzard Store Exclusive Deluxe Figure Edit

Series 6 Edit

Premium Series 2 Edit

  • IconSmall Gnome Male Valdremar & IconSmall Voidwalker Voyd - Gnome Warlock with Voidwalker
  • IconSmall Thrall Thrall - Orc Warchief
  • On Sale September 15, 2010

Series 7 Edit

Premium Series 3 Edit

2010 Deluxe Collector Figure Edit

Series 8 Edit

Premium Series 4 Edit

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Recent in Blizzard Stores
Figure Store links Series
Chen Stormstout, Pandaren Brewmaster Store Exclusive
The Headless Horseman, Hallow's End Nemesis Premium 4
Wildmoon, Moonkin Premium 4
Confessor Dhalia, Forsaken Priestess 8
The Black Knight, Argent Nemesis 8
Brink Spannercrank & Snaggle, Gnome Rogue vs. Kobold Miner 8
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