This alternate version of the history was discribed in the War of the Ancients Trilogy, the 3 books by Richard A. Knaak. This alternate version was created by 3 characters from our current time traveling back in time 10.000 years ago, and witnessing firsthands the events of the war unfolding, and eventually being responcible for changing key aspects of it.

It us not curreny known weather Blizzard considders the War of the Ancients Trilogy as the official, authorative source of the 'true' history, though certain aspects of our current timeline do seem to suggest thus.

Please see War of the Ancients for the current, official version of the history, as discribed on the official World of Warcraft homepage.

The follwing summerizes this alterative history, with special emphasis on the differences between this version, and the official one.

Thrown back in time

Shortly after the end of the Third War, the human mage Rhonin, was looking forward to settling down with his wife, the high elf Vereesa Windrunner, but he is called away, once again, by his friend and mentor, the dragon-mage Krasus

Nozdormu, the timeless one, the bronze dragon-aspect, had barely managed to contact Krasus and draw his attention to a strange anomaly in the mountais of kalimdor. Krasus convinced Rhonin to travel with him to Kalimdor to investigate.

Meanwhile, the Orcs Broxigar and Kasgal where sent by their warchief Thrall, on a similair mission, the Orcs too, having caught wind the strange event taking place nearby.

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Night-Elf Allies

Corruption of the Highborne

The Invasion of the Legion

The Dragons

The Betrayal of Neltharion

The Betrayal of Illidan

The Well of Eternity

The Sundering of the World

Summery of differences between these two histories


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