Skra'gath, a named Voidcaller

Voidcallers are a type of voidwalker that look to be draped in old, rotting cloth.[1] (WoWtBCOSG 331) (note that the source of this description does not call them voidcallers, it just describes them and says it is a type of voidwalker.) Voidcallers are spell-casting voidwalkers. They carry over their draped shoulders two lanterns hanging from a glowing crystal-like structure that strongly resembles parts of a naaru. Their specific relationship with these celestial beings is unclear, although the naaru are known to be somehow linked to the Void through a life-and-death cycle.




  • Typically, Voidcallers become attuned to the first element used against them, becoming resistant to it and turning it against their attacker.[citation needed]

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