An ethereal vaultkeeper in Pandaria

Void Storage is an 80-slot storage function implemented in Cataclysm-Logo-Small Patch 4.3, first revealed on the official Warcraft Facebook page. Players can access this storage mechanism by talking to ethereal vaultkeepers in Orgrimmar, Stormwind City, Pandaria (Alliance 15Shrine of Seven Stars or Horde 15Shrine of Two Moons.) or Draenor (Stormshield - Alliance and Warspear - Horde.) in Ashran.

Transmogrification pointers:

Pointer voidstorage on 32x32 in range of Void Storage NPC
Pointer voidstorage off 32x32 out of range of Void Storage NPC


It was first expected to contain up to 100 to 150 slots, but unable to store items with enchants, gems,[1][2] or reforged stats.[3] A more fully fleshed out preview revealed that the number of slots would be 80;[3] in addition to stripping all enchants and gems from items, items also have other enhancements removed, such as reforging and sockets.[4] The feature was introduced in combination with Transmogrification so players now have a place to store their beloved armor sets for transmogrifying later.[5]


To utilize the void storage feature players will need to visit one of the Ethereal Vaultkeepers in Orgrimmar, Stormwind City or the Pandaria faction hubs. The fee to unlock the Void Storage is 100Gold[3]. Once unlocked, players will have access to 80 slots.

  • Players may place up to 9 items in the vault at once.
    • There is a 10Gold fee per item you want to store.
    • There is no fee for keeping items in storage once the deposit fee has been paid.
  • Players may remove up to 9 items at once.
    • There is no fee for removing items.

Types of items that can be stored


  • The storage space is per character, not per account.[6]
  • All enhancements on an item will be stripped.[3] This includes:
    • Enchantments
    • Socketing
    • Gems
    • Reforging
  • Tabards are able to be stored as long as they're soulbound.
  • Non-soulbound items are not able to be stored as the void storage isn't intended to be used as a secondary bank.
  • Items do not need to be stored in Void Storage to be used in Transmogrification.[6]


Warlords-Logo-Small This section concerns content exclusive to Warlords of Draenor.

Players building their garrisons while on Draenor that desire access to void storage and transmogrification should consider building a level 3 Storehouse. The Storehouse is classified as a small building.


Mists-Logo-Small Pandaria
Warlords-Logo-Small Draenor
With a level 3 Storehouse.

NPC title

<Void Storage> is also the NPC title for NPCs that give access to the Void Storage UI.




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