Vindicator Saruan was a draenei and part of the Triumvirate of the Hand in Blood Watch of Bloodmyst Isle. During a patrol, he was captured by the Sunhawk blood elves. He was subjected to harsh torture and was very nearly killed by Matis the Cruel, as described in [Galaen's Journal]. His ultimate fate is unknown, though Sironas had some unspecified plan for him. In Matis the Cruel's words before Vindicator Kuros killed him, Saruan may have become the abomination that Sironas has created.

In life he was Vindicator Kuros's master, teacher, and mentor.


Although Matis said the draenei of Blood Watch would see Saruan soon... he never made an appearance.


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Where ever he might be or whatever he has become, he is presumed dead.

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