Viera Sunwhisper can be found in Hellfire Peninsula [25.9, 63.1]
at Falcon Watch. She has a fondness for Cenarion Spirits.
ActivequesticonEnds Objective of
Horde 15 [62] Life's Finer Pleasures Horde 15 [62] Arelion's Mistress


Viera had been carrying on an affair with the late husband of Magistrix Carinda. Upon finding this out, a vengeful Carinda asks the player to lure her away from Falcon Watch and then use a magic scroll of Carinda's on her. The scroll turns Viera into a mouse. This is not merely an indignity but is quite possibly fatal, as Carinda's pet cat Twinkle follows Viera and the player when they leave Falcon Watch. Twinkle begins to stalk Viera after her transformation. It is unclear if Viera manages to escape the cat, but quite clear that getting on Carinda's bad side can have dire consequences.

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