"His titanic skeleton remains... ...(apparently where Gorefiend slew him)"

Vhel'kur is a level 70 elite undead black dragon located over Netherwing Ledge in southeastern Shadowmoon Valley. Little is truly known about who Vhel'kur is. Most of the available information about him at this time comes from the Ancient Shadowmoon Spirit at the Altar of the Damned. In his words:

To the southeast you will find Netherwing Ledge. What was once part of the mainland of Shadowmoon is now a floating island in the sky.
Vhel'kur, spawn of Deathwing, once called it his home, but now knows it as his grave. He flies an endless circle above the island, seething at his defeat to Gorefiend.

His titanic skeleton remains on the Netherwing Ledge (apparently where Gorefiend slew him), and the spectral Vhel'kur can now be found in the area's skies. He can be ranged pulled from one of the hills on the Ledge, but he lands very quickly, and it is advisable to have a tank ready to pick him up. Spectrecles are required to see or damage him.

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